While Minecraft is a fairly peaceful game, there's no shortage of dangerous mobs once you wandered outside of the beaten path. Amongst them, these 10 are probably the most annoying to deal with.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 10 annoying mobs in Minecraft 1.19 that might ruin your game.

1. Creepers

The creeper is probably amongst the most iconic enemies in Minecraft due to its distinctive appearance and a high potential for killing unwary players as well as damaging players' constructions. Any long-time Minecrafter should be familiar with the hissing sound the creeper makes right before blowing up and destroying hours of hard work within an instant.

Minecraft Creeper

The worst part about this is that creepers move around silently. A creeper hit by lighting becomes a charged creeper that deals double damage on explosions. Creepers' detonations can be halted if the player knocks it back, get out of its line of sight, or kill it before it can blow up.

2. Piglin Brutes

A piglin brute is a hostile and stronger variant of piglins that appears in all types of bastion remnants. Unlike normal piglins, they always attack the player on sight. Brutes do not barter, do not retreat, and cannot be distracted by gold. Similar to Vindicators, they also wield axes and can deal 13 to 19 damage each hit.

Piglin Brute Minecraft
Piglin brutes call all nearby mobs to attack you.

If attacked by a mob or a player, piglin brutes will nearby piglins and other brutes. The worst part about brutes is that they have 50 HP - twice as much as a Vindicator. Their axes can also come out enchanted, which increases their damage even more.

3. Silverfish

Silverfish spawn from broken infested blocks, which generate in strongholds, underground in mountains biomes, igloo basements and woodland mansion false portal rooms. They do not appear if the block is broken with the Silk Touch enchantment.


While they are not dangerous, dealing only 1 damage per hit, Silverfish can call all other silverfishes in the area upon being hit. Their small sizes and fast movement speed can cause great damage to the player, especially in small areas.

4. Wither Skeletons

Wither skeletons spawn in nether fortresses at a light level of 0, in groups of 4. They are tall variants of skeletons equipped with stone swords and the ability to inflict the deadly Wither status effect.

Wither Skeleton
Wither Skeletons

When attacked by a Wither Skeleton at any difficulty, players would get the Wither status effect for 10 seconds. This turns the health bar black and decreases it by 1 heart every two seconds. Overall, this status is similar to Poison, except that it can kill. Without milk to remove the Wither effect, players would have a much harder time clearing the Nether Fortress.

5. Evokers

Evokers are the "mage" variant illager that spawn in woodland mansions and during pillager raids. Unlike the usual pillagers and vindicators, they are long-range magic casters with highly damaging attacks that don't rely on weapons. Evokers can summon spikes from the ground and create a trio of vexes to attack their foes... repeatedly.

Minecraft Evoker

The vexes are actually the most dangerous part of facing the Evokers, as they can home on players' position.

6. Ravagers

Ravagers are large bovine mobs that appear in raids to attack players and villagers. They attack by ramming enemies with their heads, dealing damage and knockback. The damage alone makes it dangerous, especially when you have to face ravagers in a group of 3.

Minecraft Ravagers

It is best to dodge all the charges before trying to retaliate, as the second ravager might hit you when you are dealing with the first one.

7. Warden

The Warden is the signature monstrosity that spawns inside Deep Dark Caves, summoned by Sculk Shriekers. However, players can spawn it outside of the Deep Dark by activating a sculk shrieker block three times. To get a sculk shrieker block, players need to locate them in the Deep Dark and harvest them using a silk touch tool.

Wardens drop a single sculk catalyst upon death.

Wardens are the main obstacle that players need to deal with when exploring the Ancient Cities. The warden's melee attack has a cooldown of 0.9 seconds and disables shields for 5 seconds, dealing 16 to 45 damage depending on the difficulty. If a warden cannot reach its target, it switches to its ranged attack, which is a powerful sonic boom.

8. Ghast

Ghast is one of the deadliest flying mobs in Minecraft. They are big flying creatures that shoot fireballs at players. The fireball deals 6 damage and explodes on impact, destroying surrounding blocks. When within range, a ghast faces the player and shoots a fireball every 3 seconds.

Minecraft Ghast 2
Ghasts' fireball attacks can be deflected back to them to deal extra damage.

Fireballs do not track their target once fired and can be deflected if hit with a projectile or melee attack.

Unlike most other hostile mobs, ghasts do not attempt to approach the player once aggroed but instead fire at the player from their position within firing range.

9. Elder Guardians

Elder Guardian is the stronger version of the normal guardian and behaves mostly like the normal variant. They spawn inside an Ocean monument and do not swim around as much.

Elder Guardians
Minecraft Elder Guardians

Elder Guardians have three methods of attacking: firing their laser, inflicting mining fatigue, and a defensive thorn-like attack. Their attacks are highly damaging and their HP is on the high side of 80. Try to dodge their laser if possible.

10. Shulkers

Shulkers populate the last zones in Minecraft. They drop one of the most useful items in the game - shulker shells. These shells can be used to craft shulker boxes, which are containers that can store and transport items.

Shulkers have two special abilities. The first one imbues their attacks with the Levitation status effect. One shulker bullet applies Levitation for 10 seconds, which causes the target character to float. When the duration runs out, the target falls down and takes fall damage. This works super well with the locations where the shulkers spawn, End Cities, which are very tall.

Shulker in Minecraft

When at less than half health, a shulker has a 25% chance of teleporting after taking damage.

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