Lonely Mountains: Downhill - a mountain biking downhill game with a custom bike physics system and a focus on fun controls, open level design and a low poly nature untouched by men

In Lonely Mountains: Downhill, it’s you with your own bike biking down beautiful mountains. Finding your own way to avoid narrow trails, thick forests, and rivers. Remember to jump, race, slide but trying to make it to a checkpoint without crashing hard into something.

While going on a thrilling adventure, you can experience beautiful nature unspoiled by men. You can play it safe and follow the main trail or take the risk and use shortcuts to reach the nearest finishing line. There are a lot of different shortcuts for you to find out to reach the finishing line.

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You can enjoy both the beautiful sceneries untouched by men in the game

This may seem to be a simple game at first, but it’s not. Throughout the journey, you will crash many times. Luckily, when you crash you will always start at the last checkpoint, and the developers keep each section very short on purpose so that starting a track again from the last checkpoint isn’t too frustrating. Thanks to our ragdoll crash system, crashes are always unique and fun to watch, especially for those who watch your crashes.

The game also features lots of handcrafted mountains. Each mountain will have some sections which are seamlessly connected with multiple routes to the following checkpoint.

It’s all up to you! Take the relaxing scenic path, travel off-road to seek secret locations, or opting for the “full speedrun mode”, making yourself the fastest one ever who can race down the steep canyon.

Here comes the newly-launched trailer of the game:

Lonely Mountains: Downhill will hit the trails on October 23rd, 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC/Mac and will cost you about €19.99/ £17.99/ $19.99. The date for Nintendo Switch will be announced later on.

Daniel Helbig - co-founder and also one of Megagon Industries devs said that he was extremely excited to eventually unveil the game. He also thanked all Kickstarter backers who had patiently stayed with him on the ride. 

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Lonely Mountains: Downhill will hit the trails on October the 23rd

If that all still sounds too easy for you, well, no need to worry! We’ve decided to increase the challenge even a bit more by adding a Night Mode!  Your bike comes with a headlight, but are you confident enough to use only that to light up every nook and cranny of the trails? This task is challenging and exciting at the same time! Enjoy the newly- launched trailer above to see all the predictions!

There’s no one-size-fits-all bike for every mountain and rider. That’s the reason why you will have to unlock new bikes with distinctive features, so you can try each one to see which one best fits the trail and your playstyle!

And the founders know that different players have different tastes of bikes’ appearance. Thus, each of the bikes will be equipped with various skins for players to unlock or find.

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You can unlock new bikes with different features and styles that suit your taste

One of the game highlights is untouched nature. Therefore, take your bike all over the world and experience a beautiful nature untouched by men. No audience, no barrier tapes – just you and your bike

The founders plan to make the game’s landscapes come to life. For example, trees are swinging in the breeze, butterflies flying from flowers to flowers or you can even find out different types of animals and birds while riding down.

The sound is also another highlight of the game. You can’t hear any background music whilst you bike down the trail. But you are expected to listen to the trees whispering in the wind, animal grazing and birds chirping in the thick forest as well as the buzzing sound of the insects nearby.
Are you ready to explore the world? There will be 6 different mountains in the game which take inspiration from the real-life famous mountains all over the world.

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There are 6 different mountains which are inspired by real-life ones around the globe

  1. The Alps: Start your thrilling adventure from the peak of the tallest European mountain range. Don’t waste lots of your time admiring the spectacular meadows since the tricky steeps will ask you for 100% attention.
  2. The Rockies: This probably the most well-known and appealing mountain over the globe. While biking down this Canadian Rocky mountains, you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes such as the green forests and the quiet lakes.
  3. Grand Canyon: Although a canyon doesn’t really look like a real mountain, let’s ignore the academic definitions as you will experience thrilling feelings while getting down the very tall but thin cliffs.
  4. The Misty Forests: Seek the way out of the foggy atmosphere in beautiful Scandinavian-inspired mountains. You will get the chance to experience both the beauty and the dangers of the forests at the same time.
  5. Indian Summer: Have a good time with the gentle Indian-summer sunshine glowing on your digital skin whilst making your way through the golden forests.
  6. The last one is still a mystery and is in progress. The developers want to collaborate with the gaming community to design a mountain. Right now, they still have vogue ideas with the designing but they will find that out later together.

Here are some key features of the game:

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The game incorporates various key features to bring the most satisfying feeling  while racing down the terrain

  • Custom Bike Physics: This enables fast and responsive controls whilst still can incorporate the experience of biking down tricky mountains.
  • Seamless Tracks: Always start at the mountain’s peak and riding all the way down to the valley in one perfect ride with no loading times.
  • Open Level Design: You can play it safe, follow the main path or take a risk and travel cross-country to seek the fastest way down
  • Explore the world: Just you with your bike riding through 6 marvellous mountains and enjoy the beautiful untouched nature. The game doesn’t have barrier tapes or the audience.
  • Hidden locations: Discover the mountains and find hidden locations, unlock new gear and skins.
  • Low-Poly Style: There will be a combination of low poly art with custom shaders as well as post-effects and modern lighting in the game to attain a unique and stylized look.
  • Unlock & Progression System: Strive for the best times to unlock new game modes:
    • Classic Time Trial Mode: Try your best and don't hold back since you can start again at each section whenever you want.
    • Challenge Mode: Gives you specific challenges like landing long jumps, finding out shortcuts or reaching certain places.
    • Hard Time Trial Mode: Penalizes you for crashing, hence, you can find the trade-off between reward vs. risk.
    • One Life Mode: This mode is exclusively for the most experienced riders! this mode reduces you to one life. So you will have to try your best to avoid the rocks while racing down the terrain.
    • Classic Time Trial Mode: Go for the best time and don't hold back as you can restart each section as often as you like.

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Are you ready to go on this thrilling adventure? The game will be unveiled this month, so stay tuned!

Please notice that the game will be unveiled on October 23rd, 2019. Stay tuned!