From Bowlcut Studios, MageQuit is a title that combines epic spell combating and spell drafting in its core. The game lets 2 to 10 wizards (either teaming up or free-for-all) enter a brawl that could be either online or local. The more players enter the brawl, the more chaotic and fun it gets.

MageQuit appeared at PAX Indie 2019, full of spells casting and wizards chaos.

Take a look at some gameplay footage as below:

Unique spell-drafting

While a lot of games are simple PvP with spell casting, MageQuit stands out for its spell drafting feature. Before each round, players get to draft themselves abilities and spells from a common pool. This is when things get much more interesting: you always enter a match with a different and unique skill set.

MageQuit lets players draft the skills and abilities that they wish to use in the upcoming round.

In the pool, there are powerful magics from elementals like fire, water, earth, and wind. Funny enough, the more a wizard or a team wins, the more their beards grow. And you might have guessed it, the team that ends up having the longest beard after 9 rounds wins the whole thing. MageQuit did a good job of balancing the game as well. If you are on a big winning streak, it’s less likely that you can get more powerful spells for the upcoming rounds.

Learn the basics

Of course, in a somewhat shooting game like this, it’s important that you land your spells properly. In addition, you should also get to know about spells and their cool-downs. That’s pretty much the basics of MageQuit, you’ll encounter much harder and fancier techniques as you spend more time playing the game.

Apparently, MageQuit reminds people of the good old Warcraft III custom maps full of spells and wizards crafting.

For now, MageQuit is available to play on PC through Steam Early Access.