Originally, Metal Wolf Chaos was a third-person shooter game from the developer and publisher FromSoftware. The game came out for Xbox in 2004, exclusively for Japan. However, not long after that, Metal Wolf Chaos became somewhat of a myth, as it was hard to acquire the game and to play it outside of Japan.

A remaster is coming

Previously, in June 2018, the American publisher Devolver announced Metal Wolf Chaos XD at E3 2018 as a remaster of the original Metal Wolf Chaos. This remaster version would offer higher resolution and widescreen support for the game. It would also improve visual effects and textures, alongside some improvements regarding the gameplay. Fortunately, the English voiceover from the original game still remain.

Metal Wolf Chaos XD
Metal Wolf Chaos XD, a remaster of the classic 2004 Metal Wolf Chaos.

Metal Wolf Chaos XD is launching this August 6th, on major platforms like PS4, PC and Xbox One. You should be able to get the game via Steam, at the cost of $24.99 (Rs 1710) as announced by developer From Software and publisher Devolver Digital.

At the moment, players can pre-order for the game prior to its official release. Anyone to do so will receive a unique mech suit skin a reward, with the platform of your own choosing.

Metal Wolf Chaos XD
Pre-order Metal Wolf Chaos XD to get yourself a unique mech suit skin.

Game overview

From Devolver Digital, check out a brief overview of Metal Wolf Chaos XD as below:

President Michael Wilson and the country is in great danger as the rebellion by Vice-President Richard Hawk is on the way with the legions he controls. Being the 47th President in the history of America, it’s your utter duty to protect the country and bring back the freedom for its people.

Metal Wolf Chaos XD
Control a mech army and reclaim the United States from the rebels.

In front of your citizens, you control an advanced mech army and fight across many iconic landscapes of the United States. These include the Grand Canyon, the Brooklyn Bridge as well as the signature White House.

Metal Wolf Chaos XD
The White House in Metal Wolf Chaos XD.

In general, we’re really looking forward to Metal Wolf Chaos XD. This remaster version is bringing better visual fidelity, better controls and gameplay, a brand-new save system as well as the 4K & 16:9 support for higher tier displays.