Sam's Story would be the second wave of new content for Metro Exodus, the third game of the post-apocalyptic FPS Metro series. It would carry a different theme than the previous expansion, as the gameplay will revolve around a sandbox world similar to the base game. Metro Exodus was an action-adventure FPS, with elements of stealth and RPG sprinkled here and there.

Metro Exodus Dlc
This would be the final content update for Metro Exodus

In this expansion, you would step into the shoes of Sam, an American marine stranded in Russia after the nuclear apocalypse hits. Stuck in a hostile country in the middle of a nuclear war, the guy has to get to Vladivostok, a town located in the far eastern part of the country, to get back to the United States. The previous expansion, The Two Colonels, was a rather claustrophobic and linear experience. While it receives some attention from the fans, it is generally accepted that people prefer the core gameplay of Metro/Stalker much more.

Metro Exodus Dlc 1280x720
The previous expansion, The Two Colonels, carried a vastly different horror tone

Part with the Aurora, Sam has to navigate his way through the remains of Vladivostok City - through the ruins of industrial buildings, residential districts and ravaged harbors. The enemies along with natural hazards would push your survival skills to the max. You would have to use every trick that you have learned in the first game - and more to survive. There would be new weapons along with new enemies and environmental hazards.

Metro Exodus Sams Story Pew Pew
Various famous landmarks of the Vladivostok city

The expansion would be released on Feb 11, a few days prior to the game coming back to Steam - the Epic deal is coming to an end. Interested in more of our posts related to video games? Please check out this article for the top 10 best stealth games ever made.