While the previous Metro games have been pretty lightweight, with weaker machines still able to run the game without any problems, Metro Exodus system requirements are yet another story. The game used a heavily upgraded version of the 4A Engine, which was used to remaster both 2033 and Last Light. This results in a very pretty game – however, if you want to get to the highest level, nothing less than an RTX 2080TI would suffice.

metro exodus minimum system requirements
Metro Exodus System Requirements: The game certainly looks very pretty, with every scene intricately crafted

Below are the four system requirements for Metro Exodus, which cover just about everything, from Metro Exodus minimum system requirements to maximum.

Metro Exodus System Requirements PC:

With everything off, you can even run the game on 2 GB VRAM Windows 7. This is more or less the original settings of the pre-remaster versions of 2033 and Last Light.

metro exodus system requirements pc
Low Tier

To run this at “Recommended” and “High”, you would have to get at least 8 to 16 GB of RAM, with an 8GB VRAM graphics card. Due to the nature of being a highly detailed open-world game, a lot of things would happen in the background that requires processing power.

metro exodus system requirements pc
Middle High Tier

The Extreme settings require the top of the line PC, of course. With it, you would be able to enjoy Ray Tracing, which is a new very fancy lighting process on Nvidia cards.

metro exodus system requirements pc
High-End Tier

Metro Exodus Optimization guide:

This is a short guide on how to modify the game's graphics settings to get the best gameplay experience possible. Overall, Texture filtering is the most important setting - modifying it would leave the biggest change in visual quality. If your game is in the Minimum or Recommended range, it is best to leave it at AF4x. On the other hand, if your machine can handle the load, AF16x is recommended.

metro exodus system requirements pc
While there are relatively few people in the first zones, the latter ones are filled with them

For every computer that meets or excesses Metro Exodus system requirements, it is best to turn on advanced PhysX and Tessellation. These settings would improve the game's physics properties and overall visual integrity.

metro exodus system requirements pc
Three screenshots at max Metro Exodus system requirements pc: The Ray tracing pretty much makes no differences

Lastly, you need to keep various fluff settings such as Motion Blur, Hairworks, and Raytracing off. They look ugly, barely noticeable and cost and an absurd amount of resources to run. This principle can be applied to every game, not just this one.

Metro Exodus Review:

With Metro Exodus finally coming to Steam along with its final DLC, it is about time that Gurugamer.com create a review for the game, with an in-depth analysis of the overall gameplay, story, and graphics.

metro exodus system requirements pc
Explore the very depth of a nuclear winter

Metro Exodus is an epic Story-Driven FPS from 4A Games that contains a unique blend of stealth, deathly combat, survival horror and exploration in one of the most unique game settings ever created. The story begins in the year 2036, inside the metro tunnels beneath the ruins of Moscow after a nuclear war. After the situation in the tunnels worsens, Artyom, along with his band of hardened Spartan warriors, flees the Metro to the East. From there, they would make a journey across the whole country of Russia, through all four seasons. The game is inspired by the novel Metro 2035 of Dmitry Glukhovsky, with a new semi open-world design on 2 out of 4 parts of the game.

metro exodus gameplay
Metro Exodus system requirements: The second part of the game is a Mad Max-like desert setting

The biggest strength of this game is probably the designs of all four parts of the game world. They are all based on different regions of Soviet Russia – incredibly detailed and different from each other. Journey through all the seasons, from the Spring in the Volga, Summer in Caspian, Autumn in Taiga and finally, Winter in Novosibirsk, the biggest city in the east of the country.

metro exodus The Taiga
Metro Exodus System Requirements PC: The Taiga and its dam in Autumn

The graphical designs and assets of the game are astounding as well, from the lighting and textures to characters and guns, everything is carefully taken care of to the smallest details – even the sounds that they make. Because of this, you would definitely be able to immerse yourself in the game world wholeheartedly.

Volga metro exodus
Metro Exodus minimum requirements: A muddy morning at the banks of the Volga

The story and writing in this game are probably the strongest amongst the three titles, with the journey being highly personal and driven, a big break comparing to the previous two titles with their bigger conflicts. The relationships between you and the other characters are a major focus on this one which is a huge improvement comparing to the “mostly solo” journey in 2033 and Last Light. Just remember to read all the additional materials on those collectible journeys and character interactions (which unfortunately can be easily missed).

Overall, Metro Exodus is an excellent game if you are looking for a Story Based FPS adventure. Interested in more of our articles? Please check out this post for the best exploration games that are scheduled to come out in 2020.