With Wasteland 2 being a big hit with the CRPG crowd and Wasteland 3 gaining traction on the horizon, it is probably time for inXile to make the most of their IP by remaking the first game. Wasteland was one of the classic RPGs from the 1980s, with a post-apocalyptic setting that inspired the legendary Fallout series.

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The modern cover art of the series, depicting the player's party exploring the dead city

As the game was made more than 30 years ago, some parts of it, especially the controls and assets, are too outdated for any modern audience to enjoy. However, the core parts of the game, such as the story, quests and general worldbuilding are definitely salvageable. With Wasteland 3 coming soon, the developers have spared some effort to remaster this game so that they could ride on the inevitable wave of popularity.

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The original opening menu

The graphics have definitely been improved

Wasteland Remastered is going to be released at the end of this month, on Feb 25 for PC and Xbox One. Below is a new trailer for the game, which showcases the main story along with some smaller snippets of the title’s signature tactical combat.

In this game, you would step into the radiated wasteland of America created by a nuclear war. Missiles from space have destroyed every population center in the continent, with the leftover radiation create random storms and mutations. The retro charms of the game are preserved in Wasteland Remaster with only the most necessity get remade - they kept the dialogues, story and quest intact. Overall, this remaster is an authentic time capsule that would give you some insight into gaming’s simpler time and how storytelling was done back then.

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Prepare yourselves for a lot of reading

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