Shooters often focus on the tactical levels or satisfying gunplay, but most of its has forgotten the fact that how to use a gun is extremely hard in real life. So today, we have Receiver 2 - a game that was called "QWOP for guns". 'QWOP' is a flash game in 2008 where people have to control the thighs of a marathon runner using the keys Q and W, and the calves by O and P.

Basically, Receiver 2 is a first-person shooting game that portrays even the smallest details of guns in order to make it functions normally. It requires you to properly load and unload your bar, fix malfunctions and learn how to use every firearm properly based on researches on how guns were made and use in real life.

You can see those features as well as the eerie atmosphere of the game in the trailer below:

Overview on Receiver 2

The developer Wolffire Games doesn't give us much information about the game's concept yet, but from the trailer, we can guess something. Receiver 2 will takes the settings of a dystopian world, where everyone's life in middle America was threatened by a mysterious threat. The plague has rapidly spread over the cities, causing total disarray over the scene.

Millions were affected by this sickness, making them the minions of the so-called Mindkill - which we cannot know for sure what it is unless we turn into the Awakened. Sick as it may sounds, this game will not feature any type of human- or animal-killing, but solely rotates around shooting machines or drones.

Receiver 2 Pc Reveal 1
Receiver 2 will only contain shooting against figures and drones

And while we might have to wait for a bit longer to learn more about the Threat in this game, its gameplay features were revealed in detail. To be more specific, Receiver II will take almost exactly the gameplay structure from the first installment, but every feature will be enhanced to pack in more things.

Key features

Hence, Receiver 2 still lies in the FPS genre, but I will call it more of a realistic gun simulator thanks to its specific gun mechanic realism. You'll learn more about the story of this game by shooting down drones and picking up items revealing about the nature of Mindkill, but that's the main focus of this game. Instead, it focuses more on simulating everything about a gun that other shooters failed to do.

Receiver 2 Pc Reveal 4
Learn the mechanics of guns while fighting against the mysterious Mindkill

Basically, the developer has taken reference from realistic researches on guns' mechanics from manufacturers and portrays them in an arcade-like shooter. For example, you'll learn more about the parts that form a gun, how they connect with each other and how a gun will function as a whole pack.

Receiver 2 Pc Reveal 2
Learn about every moving part of a gun

It includes how to manually unload your bar, fill bullets in and reload it, or how to fix your gun if it failed to shoot properly. Wolffire is very proud to state that every gun model in this game is made from the spring and pin level, and you'll experience all of the making progress by yourself by playing the game later.

Receiver 2 Pc Reveal 3
Tear your gun into parts to fix its errors

Secondly, there will not be bullet-spamming in Receiver 2, as it follows the physics-based concept. You can blow every kind of enemy up with only one shot thanks to the ballistic simulation that was made based on research on textbooks of shooting incidents, including penetration, ricochets and bullet drop.

Receiver 2 Pc Reveal 5
How your shot will go is made 100% based on physics

Release date

Receiver 2 will come out for PC in 2020, but there hasn't been a specific release date for that yet.

And since the developer is still hiding its story, we might see several reveal teasers of the game in the future, and we'll update them for you. Stay tuned!