Redhill Games is a brand new name in the gaming industry, but it actually consists of veterans from many triple-A companies, including the ex-CEO of Remedy - Mika Reini. That's why people are expecting a lot out of their debut title Nine to Five - a multiplayer shooter with unique round-based mechanics.

Nine to Five marks the debut of Redhill Games in The Game Award 2019, featuring one of the weirdest reveal trailers at the event. I don't want to spoil too much for you before you watch the trailer yourself, but don't give up if you feel baffled by the stupid animation hares with their assault rifles. A twist is waiting for you, and stay with us to the end of this trailer.

Below is our summary on Nine to Five's introduction, but let's see what's special about this game via the TGA 2019 trailer first:

Overview on Nine to Five

According to Redhill Games, Nine to Five takes the settings of a futuristic world, where giant corporations have taken control of everything. Hence, this world sees a new job becoming an ordinary one in normal life: mercenary.

Nine To Five Pc Announced Alpha Test Sign Up 2
Nine to Five takes the settings of a futuristic world

Nine-to-five refers to the job that starts from 9 a.m to 5 p.m, which is the ordinary daily job of people. Mercenaries work for corporations on missions to fulfill their employers' tasks about disputes. Working with other mercenaries, you'll enjoy outsmarting your counterparts.

The concept of this game is not new anymore, but enough to give players background knowledge on what they're fighting for. And instead of focusing on creating a quirky story, the developer emphasizes on making Nine to Five's gameplay outshine other shooters in the scenes now.

Ninetofive Keyart 1080p
"Make a killing" - make a living by killing

In detail, Nine to Five is a tactical team-based FPS that takes a new approach to the aging genre. According to the developer, it thinks that a lot of modern first-person shooting games now are too frantic and random, which overall lessen the fun of players while playing the game. Most of the time, they'll head to the gunfire, dies and start again, and there's nothing special about them.

So, Nine to Five was made to be different. Instead of simply bringing your gun to the battles and leave your life on fate to decide, you'll enjoy every progress you've made. To be more specific, the game will put three teams, each team with three players, on a tactical fight that will last for three rounds, each with a clear objective.

Nine To Five Pc Announced Alpha Test Sign Up 1
Three teams, each with three members will compete with each other in a three-round match

The special thing about that is the results of the previous round will decide how your team will start in the next round - including money pool, conditions, and many more. Hence, you and your teammates will have to spend more time thinking about the tactics for each round, stepping into the shoes of other teams in order to outsmart them. This progress will continue every round, forcing players to adapt to certain situations and coming up with new strategies to secure the final victory.

Nine To Five Pc Announced Alpha Test Sign Up 4
The outcomes of the previous round affect the next round

Release date and supported platforms

Overall, Nine to Five is a shooter that encourages players to make benefits of their mind and teamwork over personal skills and reflexes. The game is still under development for PC now, but as the game is an online multiplayer shooter, the developer Redhill Games wants to get more feedback from the players before fully launching the game.

Hence, it has announced that it will soon open the alpha test of Nine of Five in early 2020. Players interested can register right now at the game's official site to secure a chance to get in.