Every weekend, Steam gives us a highly-acclaimed online game for us to try before purchasing their products. And this week, Steam has worked with Ubisoft to give you a free-to-play weekend of their most famous shooter in the Tom Clancy's franchise: Rainbow Six Siege!

Rainbow Six Siege is a fan's favorite first-person shooter with a lot of outstanding features that separate the game from many other FPS in the industry now. Explosive team-based action and highly-tactical, those are the special parts of this game, and you can see how they look in the trailer below:

Overview on Rainbow Six Siege

While the battles in other shooters usually focus on gunplay and some grenades, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six games have taken a much more realistic approach and Rainbow Six Siege was very successful in continuing this legacy. In this latest title in the franchise, you'll feel your heart pumping really hard with its intense actions that only turn within only a nick of time.

To be more specific, in Rainbow Six Siege, you'll take control of a soldier in either the Attacking team or the Defense team to fulfill your missions. The tasks vary based on which play mode you choose: whether it's hostage-rescue, bomb-defusing or take control over tactical places. That might sound like CS: GO, but wait, there are many better things for you to try.

Rainbow Six Siege Free Weekend Steam 5
Play either as the Attacking team or the Defending team

Fans of multiplayer PvP shooter adore this phenomenal game that doesn't only focus on intense gunfires but also the destructing system as well. In fact, the art of using gadgetry for destruction is the main selling point of this game, as it allows you and your teammate to blow-up walls with modern technology, or uses advanced equipment to track your enemies.

Rainbow Six Siege Free Weekend Steam 1
Use modern devices to blow up walls, gates or barricades to open a new sieging route

This mechanics has opened up a whole new level of tactic with the assaults in Rainbow Six Siege. You and your team can come up with the most unexpected plans on Earth to attacks your opponents, and the Defense side will also have to use their brains to pre-empt those methods. The combats in this game are very lethal and require tight team play to deal with the surprising situation every time.

Rainbow Six Siege Free Weekend Steam 4
The excellent gunplay in this game is also note-worthy

Free to play this weekend on Steam

You can head to Steam right now and try Rainbow Six Siege for free this weekend. There will not be any better chances to try the game before buying than this, and since this event only last until November 25 ends, you have to be quick.

Rainbow Six Siege Free Weekend Steam 2
Rainbow Six Siege free-to-play weekend has started today!

And don't worry about your achievements, as it will be brought to the full version if you opt to buy it. And if you want to buy the game after the amazing experiences you've got, buy it as soon as possible, since there's a 60% discount for the game lasting until Decemb

er 3, and up-to-70-percent discount for other versions.

Have a nice weekend!