State of Decay 2 has been launched for PC on Microsoft Stores and is also available for Xbox One via Xbox Game Pass for almost two years now. However, fans have been desperately asking for a Steam version, and a fan-first studio just like Undead Labs can't turn them down.

So, the State of Decay 2 is coming for Steam in 2020! If you haven't heard of this name, State of Decay is a series containing two titles about surviving in a post-apocalyptic world full of brainless zombies. Below is the trailer for the Xbox One launch of the game a year ago, which you can have a look:

The concept of State of Decay 2

As I've mentioned, State of Decay 2 is the second title in the survival series, taking the settings of a post-apocalyptic world. The world suddenly experienced a terrible zombie apocalypse, wiping almost entirely the humankind, and replace them with the brainless creatures everywhere on the land.

State Of Decay 2 Steam Launch 2020 2
The Earth is now full of zombies

18 months later, the last humans on Earth have decided to rebuild the civilization from scratch, starting from a small area in the not-so-safe zone. You are the leader of this small community, and also the one deciding the fate of this blooming hope. Dealing with internal problems as well as preventing the zombies from entering the area is crucial, but will it be enough?

Gameplay features

The story of State of Decay 2 is not long, but enough to give you a brief concept of what you need to do in this land. The game is a third-person survival game that asks you to keep living in the post-apocalyptic world while brings some RPG elements in its good.

To be more specific, you'll take control of the leader in human's last shelter, and will decide how this community is going to grow. As a survival game, there are somethings that you must do: gathering resources, finding weapons, and building fences. Featuring an open world, State of Decay 2 will provide tons of necessary resources as well as a lot of hidden places for you to find.

State Of Decay 2 Steam Launch 2020 1
Explore this open-world to find resources for your community

Speaking about the items, the game has a wide range of weapons from the melee ones to the ranged ones. The melee weapons include machetes, knives or axes that are very handy with exploring locations for goods. They allow you to stealthily slay a zombie from its back without getting noticed by the others, which is better for gathering resources.

However, getting close to a zombie is never a safe idea, so you might consider taking some ranged weapons - mostly guns and ammo with you. However, be mindful that your ammo is not unlimited, and you'll very likely attract hordes of zombies by pulling off your trigger, so be really careful with your shot. But in certain cases such as defending your new home from the brainless creatures, feel free to unload your whole bars, as long as you are plentiful of bullets.

State Of Decay 2 Steam Launch 2020 3
The melee weapons are better for exploring, and the guns are good for defending your base

Asides from the combats, you'll also have a lot of things to take care of. The most important one is to decide whether to let a survivor into your community. Each character in your town has its distinctive skillset and traits, so they will boost your town's power overall. On the other hand, they might cause some chaos for your town, and corrupt your peaceful land, so be careful with your decision.

State Of Decay 2 Steam Launch 2020 5
Do you want to expand your town, or you'd rather keep it small and peaceful?

Last but not least, if you're having a hard time with your decision, invite up to 3 more friends in for co-op fun!

Release date and supported platforms

State of Decay is already available for PC and Xbox One via Microsoft Store and Xbox Game Pass, but if you prefer Steam, here's your chance. The game will launch for PC via Steam on an unknown date in Q1 2020.

State Of Decay 2 Steam Launch 2020 4
State of Decay 2 is coming to Steam in early 2020

This Steam version will support cross-play with other players using Microsoft Store or Xbox Game Pass, so you don't have to worry about playing them with your friends via different platforms. And the developer Undead Labs also announced that there will be a wild surprise with this release, but we don't know exactly what to expect yet.