The new Ancient City biome in Minecraft is dark and mysterious areas made up of dark hallways and strange structures. There are a lot of secrets to explore in Ancient Cities, and among them, the Redstone lab is probably one of the most elaborate.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase how to get inside the Redstone lab in Ancient City. While you can just mine your way into the room, it is best to solve the puzzle and open its door instead.

1. Where is the secret Ancient City Redstone room

In the center of every Ancient City, there will be a large frame that resembles the eyeless face of the Warden above a pit of blue Soul flames, which previously only generated naturally in the Nether. Another unique part of the Warden’s head monument is the brand-new, unobtainable block Reinforced Deepslate, which fully lines the Warden’s “mouth”

The Warden Ancient City Centre Monument
The large monument in the middle of the Ancient city.

The Ancient City Redstone room is hidden right below this. You should be able to locate the secret door fairly easily as it should be set back from the rest of the wall. However, if it is covered by blocks, there should be a wooden bridge nearby that mark the location of the door.

When you explore the city, the most important thing is to sneak at all times, unless you are on the corridors with gray wool walkways. This would prevent the Warden from appearing.

2. How to open the Ancient City Redstone room

In order to get access to the room, you’ll need to figure out where and how to trigger the Redstone mechanism. The secret door to the lab can be opened only by a specific method, which is random each time.

The Loot Chest

The first method involved a Wooden Chest right above the Redstone door, in front of the City Center Warden frame. If you see a chest here, open it and take the item inside (golden carrot/apple).

Ancient City Redstone Wooden Chest Door
The loot chest to unlock the hidden door of the room.

Try eating the item in front of the chest - you should hear pistons activating to open the door beneath. The item would not be consumed. However, if the door doesn't open, you might not be close enough to the Sculk Sensor within the Redstone circuit, so try moving around. As the food item won't be consumed, you can try it multiple times.

The Chiseled Deepslate

If there is no Wooden Chest above your Redstone door, you’ll instead need to look for a single Chiseled Deepslate block. It should be somewhere on the small landing in front of the Warden head monument. Just walk in front of it to trigger the pistons and open the door.

Minecraft Ancient City Chiseled Deepslate
The Chiseled Deepslate block is a bit hard to spot.

3. Inside the Ancient City secret Redstone room

Once the door to the secret Redstone room is open, just head inside and check out the Redstone contraptions within. At the moment, the lab does not contain any noteworthy loot, apart from a lot of Redstone blocks, which are not particularly rare. Overall, this room is likely a guide for the new sculk mechanic, revealing how sculk sensors can be used for wireless Redstone.

Ancient City Secret Redstone Room
The secret redstone room inside the Ancient City

Afterward, players can also use it as a secret base after removing the stuff inside and fully securing the ancient city. Below is a list of various items inside the redstone room:

The main Redstone circuit

On your left as you enter the room should be the main redstone circuit, which is the one that triggered to open the door. Take a look to see how it works. The 24 items in the furnace are for determining the signal strength required, while the wool and water-smothered Sculk sensor determines the exact location in which you needed to be.

The target block

From there you should find a target block circuit, which you can trigger by shooting the target block with an arrow or any projectile. If you don’t have a snowball or a bow and arrow on you, no bother, it doesn’t do anything (again – yet), it’s just a demonstration of the Redstone signal given by hitting a target block.

The lectern

The next circuit you’ll find involves a lectern. When a Book and Quill or Written Book is placed on a lectern, it gives off a Redstone signal. Nothing happens afterward, however - a further use for this room might be revealed in future updates.

Minecraft Lectern Redstone Circuit Ancient City
Placing a book on the Lectern causes a redstone signal.

The non-solid block

Lastly, there is a demonstration of how a Redstone signal passes through a solid block, but does not pass through a non-solid block, such as the Glass Block seen in the circuit.

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