From Asmodee Digital as developer and publisher, we have the upcoming title of Munchkin: Quacked Quest. In general, it is a cooperative action title that supports up to four players. We have covered this title before on Gurugamer, and you could read that article here.

Now we have got the official release date for it. The title will hit PC, Switch, Xbox One, and PS4 on Nov 19th.

Here we have its teaser trailer:

Munchkin: Quacked Quest gameplay overview

Dive yourself into this title and re-discover the humor, puns, and parody from the major hit Munchkin card game of Steve Jackson. There are many things for you to do: collect ducks, kill monsters, gather gold, throw your friends/foe into the pits for sacrifice. You will have to go against all types of monsters from those reanimated skeletons, then the Plutonium Dragon.

Munchkin Quacked Quest Will Hit The Market On Nov
It is a cooperative 4-players action title.

There is only one spot on the top; thus, do your best to get on it! Be aware because your enemy could be sitting right next to you.

Cooperate for betrayal

Gather your friends, or even the enemies to take out those monster hordes together. Then, betray than to get that treasure for your own, thus gear yourself up with all those legendary weapons like the Flare Gun, or the Scepter.

Munchkin Quacked Quest Will Hit The Market On Nov
Defeat bosses,  slay monsters, capture ducks, and BETRAY!

With a silly and fast-playing style, Munchkin: Quacked Quest could reduce your role-playing team to just hysteria. While they are still laughing, you could take that chance to get to the top.

Some highlighted gameplay features

You could enjoy this game solo or with your friends (up to a group of four) in the couch mode. Go on an adventure through many deadly dungeons filled with dangerous enemies. Be extra careful because sometimes the enemy could be sitting right beside you.

Munchkin Quacked Quest Will Hit The Market On Nov
Be aware of those who sit right beside you.

Remember to the fast, cunning, and effective at completing those objectives in the dungeon. You will defeat bosses,  slay monsters, capture ducks, and scheming behind your foes/friends to throw them into the pits.

The title offers us 4 races and 4 classes. You could choose to become a Dwarf Wizard or an Orc Priest. Then you can select from over 20 weapons for knocking down, smashing, burning, hugging, shooting, cutting, hitting over 15 enemies/friends. The title also features dungeons that are randomly generated, which give you infinite replay possibilities.

Munchkin: Quacked Quest will hit PC, Switch, Xbox One, and PS4 on Nov 19th.