I've always been into the "co-op" kind of games in which you can sell your friends at any time to be the final winners. And after Munchkin: Quacked Quest was announced yesterday, I'm completely in love!

Taking the theme of Steve Jackson's epic card game - Munchkin, this video game is going to bring back all the parody and humorous puns to PC and consoles. Here's the beautiful and hilarious trailer to celebrate this announcement, and you should give it a look:

When it comes to collect ducks, your friends are your foes!

According to the developer and publisher Asmodee Digital, Munchkin: Quacked Quest is a "frenetic four-player action" game, in which the ones beside you might be your worst enemies. At first look, the game looks like a dungeon crawler, which you and your friends will work together to defeat hordes of enemies, collect the ducks and get to the highest level.

Munchkin Quacked Quest Will Launch For Pc And Cons
Smacking monsters and collect the ducks

However, Munchkin: Quacked Quest soon revealed its betrayal elements. Specifically, even though you're working in a team, there will be only one winner. Hence, don't feel bad to throw your friends into the sacrifice zone at any time! Pay attention too, since they will really likely do the same to you!

Munchkin Quacked Quest Will Launch For Pc And Cons
Be careful with your friends, as they'll soon turn into your foes

The dungeons in this game are procedurally generated, with a lot of challenges in increasing difficulty levels. Hence, no second walkthrough is going to be familiar. Additionally, there will be a lot of giant bosses hiding deep in the dungeon, which you'll need the help of your friends to get through. Of course, your partnership is just temporary, so make the most benefits out of it.

Munchkin Quacked Quest Will Launch For Pc And Cons
The bosses in this game are decently challenging

Your goal is to become the fastest one to get to the final stage, so the battles for ducks are going to be intense!

Key features

  • Go solo or with your friends: You can either get down to the dungeon on your own our with your friends. But beware, sometimes the most deadly enemies are not the deadly monsters but the one fighting next to you!

Munchkin Quacked Quest Will Launch For Pc And Cons
You can enjoy this game with your friends or alone

  • Various objectives: Each time you get into a new level, you'll have different objectives, and they will be out of our mind. The objectives including capturing ducks, defeat monsters, slay the bosses, etc. And don't forget about throwing your friends into the pits!
  • 4 races and 4 classes: The game allows you to customize your own characters, from Orc, Dwarf and many more. The classes also vary, too, including Priest, Wizards, etc. Each has their unique skills, which you must use properly against your enemy.

Munchkin Quacked Quest Will Launch For Pc And Cons
There 4 classes and 4 races for you to choose from

  • Over 20 weapons: You can choose to wield anything that suits your playstyle.
  • Randomly-created dungeons: No walkthroughs will be the same.

Supported platforms of Munchkin: Quacked Quest

Munchkin: Quacked Quest will release for PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC through Steam.

Munchkin Quacked Quest Will Launch For Pc And Cons
Munchkin: Quacked Quest supports both PC and consoles

The developer didn't announce the game's official release date yet, but it confirmed that it's coming out this Fall. And since we've already gone through the first half of Fall, we don't have to wait for much longer to get in this frantic race.