If you are a fan of the Rabbids series, you may enjoy this. Recently, Ubisoft China has introduced a whole new entry in this line of games. Rabbids: Adventure Party will be available exclusively on Nintendo Switch, additionally, only in China.

With that, Rabbids: Adventure Party is going to take place in ancient China. You as the obnoxious characters will get a chance to travel back in time. This game is a great adventure to a world that takes inspiration from the Journey to the West.

You will explore ancient China in a party of four. The game is prone to resemble something like Raving Rabbids...or any other game in the series.

Rabbids: Adventure Party
The game will take place in ancient China

This brand new game will be under the development of Ubisoft Chengdu. Currently, they haven’t announced the official release date for the game yet. However, they are planning on showing it off at ChinaJoy 2019 this week.

During an interview, the CEO of Ubisoft China, Xavier Poix, shared that Rabbids: Adventure Party was actually a big part of their ambitions for the gaming industry in China. They really hoped they could utilize the most important as well as favorite franchises of Ubisoft so as to bring the best experiences to Chinese players.

Rabbids: Adventure Party
Rabbids: Adventure Party haven't got an official release date yet. However, we are hoping to hear more about it at the ChinaJoy 2019

In addition to Mr. Poix, Producer Zou Yang also expressed that not only their production team had a lot of experience in developing Switch game but they also had a deep passion for the Rabbids franchise. He said they believed that the game owned the features of a good Switch game. Therefore, both novice, as well as experienced players, would be able to enjoy it.

The game is, reportedly, a party game containing various minigames. Furthermore, The Rabbids series is somewhat popular in China, all thanks to the TV show that did quite a good job there.

With those two factors, the game can be really successful in the Chinese market!