With inspirations from Earthbound, The Goonies and our childhoods, "Knights and Bikes" is a new action-adventure co-op title that has a remarkable 3D world entirely hand-painted.

Knights and bikes
"Knights and Bikes", by Foam Sword & Double Fine Presents.

The game takes place in Penfurzy Island, with the Cornwall coast nearby. In the 80s of the last century, when the place was facing serious challenges, it was up to two young girls, Demelza and Nessa to handle it all!

Meet Demelza & Nessa

Nessa is from the mainland – an outsider on her way to explore the past of her family. Meanwhile, Demelza is one of the locals who has strong faith in the island' legend. Together, the duo embarks on a journey on their bikes and on foot, exploring the island. There are treasures on the way, new locations to explore and new members to join the little gang.

Knights and bikes
Join Demelza & Nessa in an island exploration.


Unfortunately, their investigation woke up the malevolent spirits, and the gang must make use of their bikes and skills to save the island. The more people they rescue, the more abilities they unlock to travel further. Without further ado, it’s time to put on a helmet, get on a bike and have an exciting ride on the Penfurzy Island!

Knights and bikes
Visually, the artwork of "Knights and Bikes" looks extremely lively and adorable.

Play options

There are multiple play options to choose from: single play with AI companion, online co-op or couch co-op. Characters have different skill sets, so you will have a lot of experimenting to do to find out a great combination. In addition, your bikes are also your trusty companions, too! They are all upgradable and available for personalization.

Knights and bikes
"Knights and Bikes" features various bike upgrade options.

Puzzles & treasures

Rare treasures lie ahead. Let's go get them!

In "Knights and Bikes", you’ll encounter puzzles that require the ability to improvise. The options are endless: Frisbees, puddle-stomping, water-balloons or simply a boom-box stereo. Treasures await! Everything from animal skulls, worn-out action figures or legendary riches could be lying anywhere on that island.

In summary

According to Double Fine Presents and Foam Sword, "Knights and Bikes" should come to PC via Steam and PS4 on Tuesday, August 27th. Stay tuned for the latest news regarding this adorable co-op action-adventure title.