From the newest announcement from Ubisoft, you have had a look at how the PvP will work on The Division 2. In the game there are 2 types of multiplayer PvP, the first type will be in Dark Zones of the new game.

The Dark Zones

New Announcement On Pvp Of The Division 2 The Dark
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Just like in Dark Zones in The Division, this time there would also be three Dark Zones. There are west, south and east zones. In these zones, the players could perform an action to attack others. From a recent post on the blog, the creator of the game has explained how they have changed the perceptive of the players when they attack other players. If you attack other players in Dark Zone, you could hold three types of different statuses.

First is the Rogue status, it will be given to you when you do aggressive though mostly not harmful towards other players (for examples like hi-jacking or stealing from others or supply depot). With Rogue status, you will be able to go to Thieves Den, which similar to a black market that moves randomly in Dark Zones. If you exit from the Den your status will be restored to normal, however, kill a player while being Rouge and you will become Disavowed.

New Announcement On Pvp Of The Division 2 The Dark
In the Dark Zones

With the status Disavowed, you will become a target. Other players will hunt for you to earn a bounty, therefore be careful to explore the Dark Zones while you are  Disavowed. And to reach the Manhunt status, you will need to kill more players. After reaching Manhunt, still, have to avoid bounty hunters, but you will be able to unlock huge prizes and clear your status when you reach the random terminal SHD.

Domination and Skirmish

The second type of PvP The Division 2 is a traditional one, the multiplayer will be organized into Conflict. And there are two modes Domination and Skirmish. Domination is capture and defends your objectives while Skirmish is about team deathmatch. They have also revealed the three maps that would be available for players upon launch:  Georgetown, Stadium and  Capital Ruins.