Released in 1994, Doom 2 is a video game belonged to the first-person shooter genre. The game is a sequel to its first release which was not sold commercially in store, Doom. Despite using antiquated pixel design, Doom 2 still attracts players with its detailed story and simple but interesting gameplay. The game has become an inspiration for many games in this genre, leading to the big popularity of first-person shooters nowadays.

Doom 2 also has the multiplayer mode along with the basic single player. Back in the past, people who wanted to play this game together had to connect to the other player’s computer through the two player dial-up connection. Later, by adding LAN functionality, the game helped its players to join Doom 2 easier than ever. Nowadays, with the third party source ports technology providing people the most convenient way to play in multiplayer, Doom 2 is still maintaining its high position in the genre as well as in the gaming industry.

Catching the newest trend in the current gaming landscape, recently Doom 2 was announced to have a Battle Royale mode. This is a big and important step for not only the multiplayer mode of the game but also the reputation of the whole game itself.

The Battle Royale mod is indeed, a modern change for the classic game.

This new mode is a mod created by Retrodex Gaming. It is a redrawn map of the first Doom episode but larger with the three levels included. The number 64 will be the number of players are able to join the battlefield. Bots are also appeared in this new awesome mod, with eight bots in total along with the players.

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Many random items are spawned across the map. Power-ups, weapons, and ammo will always there to supports fighters. However, it is still not the most exciting feature of this mode. Retrodex is attempting to bring the ‘playzone’ as the one we have seen in PUBG and Fortnite into the classic Doom 2. This claimed a precious meet between the modern game and its old ancestor in the near future, let us see how far the first-person shooter genre has come as well as the wealthy growth of the gaming industry.

"This is very rough work so far, and more a proof of concept than the final product. I've hit a huge hiccup when it comes to getting any more than 32 bots in the map, but that may be due to my severe lack of RAM at the moment!", the modder talked about his production with excitement.