We are sorry to tell you that the New Splinter Cell might not be coming at all. Recently, after that surprising statement from Ubisoft's Creative Director, Julian Gerighty, that a new Splinter Cell title is currently in development. However, Ubisoft has announced a counter-statement confirm that that wasn't true at all.

According to Ubisoft, the whole story was meant as a joke among some Ubisoft employees who were on a night outing. With that said, and if you also consider the tweet, then the whole thing is kinda already obvious.

The official statement of Ubisoft on the matter was: "Julian was obviously joking as Julian likes to do. It looks like our creative directors are having fun right now. We do not have any announcements to make at this time,"

New Splinter Cell The Announcement Was Just A Joke
According to the tweet of Julian Gerighty, a new Splinter Cell title is currently in development.

And here we have the source of this whole brand new Splinter Cell rumor:

There has been this rumor of a new Splinter Cell game going around for a while. And then back in 2018, the chief creative officer at Ubisoft - Serge Hascoet said that they were "fighting for resources" for a new title in the series. And then just in April of 2019, CEO of Ubisoft Yves Guillemot said that they are"taking care of the brand," and surely that the fan will"see something." 

Then we got this:


As we can see in the original tweet, the hashtags were the hint for the joke intended, as Gerighty mentioned "The Crew 2 crossover" with the supposedly "the next Splinter Cell" game in development. However, we could just take the Tweet with a grain of salt as the statement did not have any real meaning, considering such an announcement could not be made that casually. That seems to be the case, most likely.

On the other hand, back in Ghost Recon Wildlands, there was the appearance of Fisher. There is also that rumor about an unannounced, new Splinter Cell title are in development. Maybe, after all, is something really going on?

New Splinter Cell The Announcement Was Just A Joke
Maybe, after all, something is really going on?

We still have to wait until the E3 to get more of this matter.