Red Thread Games has announced the official release date of Draugen, their long-awaited psychological horror game. The game will be released for PC on Steam and GOG next month, while the date for consoles hasn’t been confirmed yet.

You can see the gameplay trailer below:

The Horror Story of Draugen

The story takes place in Norway in 1923. You will take control of Edward Charles Harden – an American traveler, accompanied with his “gregarious, independent and enigmatic” protégé - Lissie comes to Norway to find his missing sister - Elizabeth.

Together, the two explore the picturesque scenery of fjords and mountain in the remote coastal community of Graavik. As the journey goes, the darkness and mystery behind such peaceful land will be gradually uncovered.

"God Forgive Me" - said the text on the wooden board

As events revealed, we begin to doubt Edward’s sanity. Could we trust Edward’s sense at this point?

What future is waiting for Edward and Lissie?

According to the developers about Draugen’s story, we can expect "a story about what lies beneath", which consists of "gripping narrative with unexpected twists and turns".

Key features

The game has sketched the colorful land of Norway with high-quality texture by the hand of the team behind Dreamfall Chapters. 

In Draugen, even smallest details like leaves and clouds are carefully texturized
In Draugen, even smallest details like leaves and clouds are carefully texturized

In Draugen, you’re experiencing the 1923 Norway from an “increasingly unreliable narrator”, which made you doubtful about everything you see. Edward’s sense will be influenced by weather and his own mental states. Consequently, you’ll have to find your own path, which might be different on every time you visit the scene.

However, the creepiness may be lessened, since you’re exploring the world while continuously interact with our beloved companion Lissie. Red Thread has promised us a “realistic and dynamic dialogue system”, that makes the journey even more close-to-reality.

You can watch some of the dialogue in the gameplay trailer here:

What to expect:

The name “Draugen” might refer to the word “Draugr”, which means undead creatures in Norse mythology. So, the “darkness” lurking in the game is very likely zombies.

So, uhm, admire the beautiful scenery of the gifted land of Norway, while finding out about the horror story which is very likely zombie-related, with a lively young female companion.

Seems very contradictory, but maybe such contradictions will be the special experience that we’ve been eagerly looking for.

Psychological thriller
Psychological thriller "Draugen" will be released for PC on May 29th

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