CES 2020 doesn't give us many tech surprises as we have seen in the previous events (apart from the controversial 360Hz monitor), but it had given us a present even before the event took place. To be more specific, Nvidia has launched a new Geforce Game Ready driver to prepare for the event.

The special thing about this driver is that it has packed in the features that the whole community is desperate to see over the recent years - the FPS limiter! Prior to this driver, people have to use a third-party app to do the same thing, but now, you can just find it with several clicks in Gefore Experience!

The new driver from Nvidia also contains other features and optimization for various games, which you can find out in detail below:

Nvidia introduces the in-bound frame rate limiter

Some gamers using low-end or very high-end PC might not know what people need to limit their FPS for, since they almost always need to gain as many FPS as possible. However, the story is completely different for mid-end PC owners, since they're always stuck between FPS and stability. Hence, some need to force a fixed number of frame-rate to make their games run smoothly and stably.

Nvidia Geforce Drivers Ces 2020 Frame Rate Limiter
Some titles that don't need ridiculously high FPS but stability like GTA 5 benefits a lot from this tool

Previously, we have to rely on third-party apps like RTSS to limit our frames per second, but prior to CES 2020, Nvidia has included it in its latest Geforce Game Ready Driver. Labeled 441.87 WHQL, the driver now includes an option allowing players to set the fixed frame-rate for 3D games or applications at their own wills. You can find it by opening Nvidia Control Panel, head to 3D settings and scrolling down the list.

Nvidia Geforce Drivers Ces 2020 Frame Rate Limiter
You can follow this instruction and find that setting here

Apart from ensuring you'll get the most stable experience with your game, this limiter feature also has other uses as well. In detail, it will help lessen your power consumption and lengthen your battery life by allowing your hardware to work in a lower capacity.

Additionally, trimming the unneeded FPS also helps your system to run with fewer lags, and some monitors desperately need this feature to remain in tandem with G-Sync to eliminate the tearing issues.

Other features

Speaking about G-Sync supported monitors, this new Nvidia Geforce driver also adds support for 8 new monitors that are compatible with G-Sync, including the huge LG OLED 2020 Big Format Gaming Display TVs. Gaming on a large TV with G-Sync is a dream in 2019, but these gaming TVs from LG will change to the whole scene.

Nvidia Geforce Drivers Ces 2020 Frame Rate Limiter
These new shocking 88-inch gaming TVs from LG are revealed at CES 2020

Furthermore, the 441.87 WHQL Game Ready Drivers also better optimizes the Ray-Tracing experiences in certain games, including Wolfenstein: Youngblood and Quake II RTX.

While Quake II RTX stands at the top spot of the 8 PC games with the best graphical quality in 2019, it's welcoming the new 1.3 updates with tons of new features and enhancements, with the most outstanding ones of the custom photoshoot tool. After all, Quake II RTX is the title from Nvidia themselves, so it is reasonable for the game to receive drivers update immediately.

Nvidia Geforce Drivers Ces 2020 Frame Rate Limiter
You can now capture photos freely in almost every perspective in Quake II RTX

On the other hand, Ray Tracing is a brand new story for Wolfenstein: Youngblood, as the game only received the new supporting updates this week. But eventually, we've got Nvidia's support to make it even more visually stunning, and you can see it in the video below. I can't wait to pick my guns up and get immediately into the game!

Last but not least, Nvidia also adds optimal settings for 14 new games, ramping up the total number into 800 titles. Below is the table showing the 14 newly-added games, which you can refer to:

Nvidia Geforce Drivers Ces 2020 Frame Rate Limiter
Detroit: Become Human and Darksiders Genesis received its optimal setting support from Nvidia

If you don't know, this is a feature from Nvidia to automatically analyze your PC and choose the best settings for certain games to run optimally on your rigs. If you're new to changing tiles of unknown settings on the table, you can just press one button, and the tool will everything for you.

Apart from the feature above, it also adds a new Freestyle Splitscreen Filter and the Variable Rate Supersampling (VRSS) for VR experience. But that's mainly for developers, and you don't have to concern that much. What you need to do now is update your Nvidia Geforce Driver immediately to enjoy the best experience on your PC with the aforementioned tools.