NVIDIA has recently announced their next CS:GO tournament for the Asia Pacific region. The GeForce Cup Pacific 2019 will go through 2 phases: regional events and one LAN Finals. Eventually, each country’s regional qualifier will go through 2 stages: 2 offline qualifiers with one online qualifier round and one Country Final. Ultimately, winners of Country Finals will represent their own country in the LAN Finals event taking place in Malaysia this December 2019.

Geforce Csgo India 04
NVIDIA has created a good opportunity for gamers to experience the best gaming gears and a chance to represent India in an international event

Enter the GeForce Cup Pacific – India to win up to ₹25,000

The first offline qualifier round has already played out during October 10-25, 2019. Fortunately, the next qualifier round will take place in the first 3 weeks of November 2019 so you still have plenty of time left to enter the list. If your team comes late, the last chance to qualify for the Country Finals will be in the 4th week of November 2019.

Geforce Csgo India 03
Indian teams can register for the qualifier and play in offline GeForce iCafe or through the online qualifier

Please note that whoever registers for the offline qualifier must play at GeForce iCafe. Obviously, this would be a good chance to enjoy a fantastic gaming experience with GeForce and NVIDIA gaming gears. For reference, the list of GeForce iCafe in India is as follow:

Geforce Csgo India 01
Some great GeForce iCafes to play at

The tournament will be played in Bo1, the final will be in Bo3. Please note that the prize pool for the Country Finals will be ₹25,000 Worth Gift Vouchers + Thermaltake Esports Kit for the champion and ₹15,000 Worth Gift Vouchers for the runner-up.

For now, the GeForce Cup Pacific – Thailand qualifier round has already begun with MiTH.Maple and Astro.esports already on the list of Country Finals.

Geforce Csgo India 05
Who will represent India in the international event this time?

The latest GeForce Cup CS:GO up to date was in 2017. The tournament was organized in the Europe region with many big names on the list: Team Kinguin, Space Soldiers, The Imperial, Red Reserve. Eventually, GeForce Cup 2017 has concluded with Space Soldier winning the lion’s share of $15,000 (₹1.06 LAKH). Red Reserve took second place with $7,000 (₹0.5 LAKH).