Watching the CS:GO pro scene may get fun at some points. The game is beautiful not just for its breathtaking moments, but also for its occasional fun moments and memes. Earlier this year, we already had the “s1mple knife” moment. Recently we had the 0v4 clutch bomb situation by Astralis. Yesterday in the match between EG and Heroic, we had another fun show to watch.

Eg Heroic Trash Talk 02
NRG or EG is one of the most emotional teams in the CS:GO scene

EG CS:GO is well notorious for shouting and chanting loudly each time they win anything. The most enthusiastic players are Peter 'stanislaw' Jarguz and Tarik 'tarik' Celik. They would “wooo” loudly in celebration of any major success or clutch situation.

EG vs. Heroic

To start things off, Heroic was down 0-7 to EG when struggling on the T-side. One situation in the 8th round saw Heroic scraping their first round. However, it was barely a win as they lost all 5 guns and had to start the next round with less money. Though having to do with worse weaponry, Heroic managed to close the deficit to 2-7. At this point, Casper 'cadiaN' Møller shouted loudly towards EG, intentionally taunting the North America squad.

In the 12th round, most of EG's team members fell down with only Ethan 'Ethan' Arnold left standing. cadiaN playfully taunted "we will kill you", "you got a Mac-10 bro, do it". The two casters and even the rest of Heroic obviously had fun with these words.

With their confidence back, Heroic played much better and closed the gap. In the 14th round, cadiaN' playfully taunted Staring Peter 'stanislaw' Jarguz in a 4v2 situation. The bomb was already planted for Heroic and the round was inevitable for cadiaN and Co. At that point, cadiaN shouted towards EG: "I don't hear you!" and "I'm in your head boys!".

Things didn't stop there, in the 23rd round in a 5v1 situation, cadiaN taunted stanislaw: “why are you hiding, stan”. It was an eco round for Evil Geniuses where they only had pistols to work with and most of the stanislaw's teammates had felt down.

Heroic eventually won the map in overtime 19-17. This took great effort from cadiaN to lift up the spirit for his whole squad. The game went on with the victory for EG after 3 maps. stanislaw finally got his revenge as he talked back in the 2nd pistol round of the third map Nuke.