It has only been a month since the Mortal Kombat 11 first release and players have come upon a glitch that could turn the frosty combatant completely invisible. The problem has not been resolved within the game until this day.

Through a specific series of circumstances can the glitch be activated. First off, Ice-Klone taunt – Sub-Zero’s end-of round taunting move – has to be obtained, which can be done in Towers of Time mode by completing the first two of Sub-Zero’s unique challenges. From there things are easier, this is due to Mortal Kombat’s taunting mechanic, in which taunts happen randomly from those that have been unlocked and happen right after a round is won by one player, unlike other combat games where taunts occur by pressing a combination of button presses.


Where around end can also be a factor that contributes to Sub-Zero invisibility. This specific glitch only happens when Sub-Zero wins the round while standing near his opponent in the corner, which is a way to create space between in-game characters for the next round. The way Sub-Zero briefly vanishes while doing the taunt probably starts that specific bug.

This effect, however, only last until Sub-Zero receives a hit from his opponent.

The bug can provide a huge advantage to Sub-Zero players when correctly exploited. Without knowing where Sub-Zero might hit next, his opponents will receive huge damage from Sub-Zero. However, on the bright side, as more taunts will likely be unlocked, the less chance that the specific taunt that enables invisibility for Sub-Zero can be selected. Nevertheless, there is still a chance that the bug taunt will be chosen and the problem should be addressed.

The bug was initially found soon after the release of the game, which received the only response from the producer that the problem was being looked into and would soon be addressed was a Twitter from early May that recognized the problem:


Furthermore, with the arrival of the Mortal Kombat 11 Pro Kompetition later this weekend, Rick Thiher – Combo Breaker’s tournament organizer – has stated that no additional taunts will be unlocked, which eliminates the possibility of an unfair match that can be caused by the bug.

Glitches and bugs are normal for every video games, especially in fighting games. Players might learn how to overcome the bugs and glitches while playing the game, it can be an opportunity for developers to update their games. Mortal Kombat’s developer – NetherRealm Studio – is well known for their determined attitude towards fixing their games such as the previous Mortal Kombat titles and Injustice, so it is only the matter of time before the glitch will be fixed.