Outriders is a new cooperative role-playing game. It was released at the beginning of this month. Therefore, many players haven't known much about this interesting video game. Today, let's learn about Outriders Max Level here.

Outriders Max Level Full Game

This 3rd person RPG shooter game will satisfy all aggressive gamers with tense and exciting gameplay. Moreover, the high visual quality and realistic graphics make the game more attractive and stunning. It seems that Outriders has a good launch this month.

Outriders Max Level
Outriders Max Level is 30 and the highest world tier is 15.

This game features two modes: single-player and multi-player. Besides, this game has a really interesting story. Thus, you can enjoy this new game on PC and console alone or with friends. The story of Outriders is set in the middle of this century when the Earth is destroyed by natural disasters.

Outriders Role Playing Game
You can enjoy this new game on PC and console alone or with friends.

Life is put in danger and humans cannot mitigate it. In the last effort of human beings, Governments joined hands to form a safe area called Enoch Colonization Authority (ECA) to preserve humanity. Moreover, they built two large ships named the Caravel and the Flores to bring humans to colonize other planets to live.

Outriders World
Outriders' story is set in the middle of this century when the Earth is destroyed by natural disasters.

A crew named The Outriders was sent to a colonized planet but they were involved in an unknown storm. Most of the crew were eliminated in the storm while the survivors got superpowers. Moreover, the localities on that planet also got superpowers, which was a threat to the survivors. There are four types of Outrider, including Trickster, Technomancer, Pyromancer, and Devastator with different abilities.

Gameplay And Brief Guide For Outriders

After logging into the game, you will select a class of outrider to create a character. But before that, players need to understand the abilities of those Outrider classes.

  • Tricksters are experts in close-range combat.
  • Technomancers are better in long-range combat.
  • Pyromancers are mid-range fighters with fire controlling ability.
  • Devastators are the best tankers with great power.
Outriders Character Class
Four types of Outrider are Trickster, Technomancer, Pyromancer, and Devastator with different abilities.

You will have different tactics and roles in multi-player mode. The game will bring you exciting experiences with shooting matches and interesting RPG gameplay. Moreover, there are a lot of maps and environments to explore in Enoch. You will explore from snow mountains to tropical forests and huge deserts. In addition, this game also has a lot of fascinating side quests from which you can collect armor and weapons to use.

Outriders Exp Farm
You will have a lot of exciting experiences with shooting matches and interesting RPG gameplay.

These supplies also affect your gameplay and performance a lot. The crafting feature of Outriders also has great impacts on the later part named Expeditions. The Expeditions part is an exclusive game for the best outriders in which players have to fight off more dangerous creatures in Enoch.

Outriders Max Level Demo

Outriders demo max world level is 15. Meanwhile, the highest level in Outriders Demo is only 7. Besides, the highest character level in this game is 30. They are pretty different but both of them will affect the difficulty of this game. In specific, the higher tier and level you reach, the harder the challenges are.

Outriders Rank Farm Guide
You will meet more dangerous monsters and enemies at higher levels.

Besides, you will encounter more dangerous monsters and enemies at higher levels. Although the maximum character level is 30, the item and enemy level can be higher. For example, at World tier 15, the highest enemy and item level is 40. Then, when you reach level 15 in the Challenge tier, the maximum item and enemy level is up to 50. The higher level you reach, the more skills and benefits you can unlock.

Explore A Lot Of Lands
There are a lot of stunning lands, maps, and environments to explore in Enoch.

How To Reach Outriders Max Level?

Most of us are beginners in this game. Therefore, you may need some tips and tactics to level up quickly. First of all, you need to select a proper outrider class to play. For example, if you are good tankers in shooting games, Devastator is the best outrider class for you.

Outriders Complete Side Quests
Outriders have to complete as many side quests as possible.

Then, you should set the world tier to the maximum available tier. Turn the Auto-Set Highest Available Tier function on to farm more EXP. Then, you should know the best places to farm EXP in this game. As mentioned, there are many different lands and environments with various monsters and challenges to conquer.

Collect Materials
Collect Materials To Rank Up Fast.

Chrysaloid, Mayhem, and Forest Enclave are the best places to farm EXP quickly. Besides, you need to complete the main missions and side missions of this game. The mission "Reach the other side of the river" in the First City to get more EXP. Moreover, there are some other tips to level up quickly.

Outriders Graphics
This game has a great graphic quality.
  • Collect materials: you should pick up all items you can finds, such as weapons, bullets, armor, and supplies.
  • Challenge yourself with hardcore enemies and bosses. The more enemies you defeat, the more EXP you collect.
  • Combat also helps you improve your skills and level in this action game. You can be more skilled by practicing more in combat.
  • Healing and melee fight simultaneously also help you rank up fast in this game.
  • Completing all side quests is one of the best ways to level up quickly in Outriders.

Those are things you need to know about Outriders Max Level. Practice and play more to level up quickly in this game.

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