To be honest, I still think that Blizzard has done a great job with their extremely famous first-person shooter - Overwatch. It has everything that a modern shooter should have - fast-paced gameplay, a wide range of characters with the distinctive skillsets, and the vibrant sci-fi visuals. The only thing that prevents the game from getting to gamers is its not-so-reasonable price.

But with this Black Friday event, Blizard will get rid of this barrier temporarily, as it allows everyone to play the game for completely free. Together with Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and Call of Duty also see their prices cut down decently as well, which you should give them a look.

Below is the gameplay trailer for Overwatch that you probably don't need to watch. But if you're not familiar with this name, feel free to give it a look:

Overview on Overwatch

At the time of its launch, Overwatch has shocked the gaming industry with its unique approach toward the first-person shooter genre. In detail, it didn't follow the same concept of buying certain types of guns and bring them to battles, but take some RPG elements into the game with a range of heroes. Each of them has certain types of abilities, which gives teams a lot of strategies to go with each round.

Overwatch takes the settings of a near-future Earth after the "Omnic Crisis" - an era in which robots have rebelled against humans all over the world. Governments have joined hands to send the troop of elite heroes called Overwatch to fight against them. However, due to some suspicion, the crew was disbanded, leaving some of the heroes to fight on their own behaves to protect the peace.

Overwatch Free To Play Black Friday 1
The team of elite namely Overwatch fight to protect the world's peace

The concept of Overwatch sounds very intriguing, and its gameplay is even more unique. The game launched with the roster of 21 characters, and through its five-year-long run, 10 more were added into the game, which created a 31-hero pool we're experiencing now. The game has broken every limit of an FPS game, bringing a lot of potentials via the character's abilities.

Overwatch Free To Play Black Friday 2
Overwatch is a brand new take on the FPS genre with its heroes

For example, Widowmaker is the true sniper that can blow up enemies' heads on a far range, while Tracer is a close-range fighter with the ability to turn back times. Even the sword user Genji and the bow sniper Hanzo also secure their spot in the game with its unique playstyle. All the characters are divided into three classes: the Tank, the DPS, and the Support, which adds a whole new level to the teamplay potentials of the game.

Overwatch Free To Play Black Friday 3
The characters in Overwatch were divided into three classes

It's safe to say that there is no limit on what you can do with those characters, which makes the game a real hit at its early stages.

Free-to-play for a week, followed by a sharp discount

However, Overwatch is seeing its popularity decreasing now, due to the fact that the game is not free-to-play, and also requires players to pay a decent amount of money to try it. It's only $20 now for the Standard version, but in fact, Overwatch used to cost players at least $40 to play the game. Even though the game is very good, not many people can afford to pay that much for a video game.

Overwatch Free To Play Black Friday 4
Blizzard has messed up with its pricing strategy, end up staggering its rise

Hence, this Black Friday event can't be a better chance to give you free entrance to the FPS hit from Blizzard. To be more specific, you can experience the game for free starting from November 26, and this free-to-play event will last until December 4.

And if you can't resist the thrilling shooting of Overwatch, you can buy the game later with a reduced price. The Standard version is now 25% cheaper, which will cost you around $15, while the Legendary version will be down for 50%. The step is very simple:, create a free Blizzard account and get your game going!

Overwatch Free To Play Black Friday 5
The game is free to play until December 4 on all devices

Are you excited about this free event?