Peace Island is a purrfect title for you if want to experience how GTA V will be in the eyes of cats. The game has finished its Kickstarter campaign, and the alpha test will be there really soon!

Before figuring how this game looks, let's see some of the early footages of it in this video:

Peace Island is the conquering journey of a gang of cats!

Game developers' idea on the main protagonist seems to have to limit. Lately, we've seen a bunch of goats in a battle royale, a ball-like drone on its escape route. And this time, it's the meow gangs on the march to solve the mystery behind the island!

Peace Island Alpha Test Coming 1
Nine cats in the gang!

According to the developer's Kickstarter campaign description, Peace Island is "the mix of science fiction, alternative history, and mystery". To be more specific, it portrays a fictional island, where all the people have disappeared for some reasons. And since there's no one left on the island, it lies on the paw of the nine cats to unveil this mystery of their home island.

Peace Island Alpha Test Coming 2
Where have all my slaves gone?

In real life, cats may idle and eat all days long. However, in Peace Island, the cats can't have a split second to rest. You'll start with Elizabeth, waking up from her nap to find out that all the human has suddenly disappeared. From there, you'll explore the island, and take control of each cat in the gang in turns.

Peace Island Alpha Test Coming 4
You'll see the story of all nine cats

About its gameplay, Peace Island has chosen to stay away from the traditional combats. Instead, it chooses to focus on the adventures. You will cooperate with other eight cats to solve this mystery by infiltrating, exploring, discovering, and interacting with other animals.

Peace Island Alpha Test Coming 5
Meet other animals to get some clues.

And while all the experiences of nine cats are distinctive, they'll all come up with the final decision: Does this world even need humans after all?

Peace Island Alpha Test Coming 7
Who run the world? Cats!

Our worst dream has come true!

Alpha test coming soon!

Peace Island has successfully raised its fund, with 345 backers pledging over $13,000 to make this game come true.

Even though its funding campaign has ended, you can still give the developer some money to gain some rewards. Furthermore, backers will receive the ticket to join in the upcoming testing phases.

Peace Island Alpha Test Coming 6
Pay some money to encourage the developer and get a ticket for future's test

The developer hasn't planned on any exact release dates of Peace Island yet.