Wreckin' Ball Adventure is coming out to PC next month! In order to celebrate this announcement, the developer Don't Bite Devs and the publisher No Gravity Games gave us a new trailer.

The trailer shows off the main mechanics of the game, and you can watch it below:

You are a ball

A drone, to be precise. In this game, you'll take the role of a cute round robot namely K160. You are trying to break out of the secret laboratories of the evil corporation SuperCom. And in your way, you'll have chances to meet with other robots as well. As their moral leaders, you'll guide them to the escape route and find your freedom!

Wreckin' Ball Adventure Steam August 1
Team up with other balls to get out of this lab

About its gameplay, we can summarize it for you in four words: roll, jump, swing, and wreck. Specifically, Wreckin' Ball Adventure a family-friendly platformer, in which you'll make your way through the laboratory full of traps. It's physic-based, so your in-game movements will strictly follow the law of nature: such as gravity, energy, etc. (I really don't want to talk about this!)

Wreckin' Ball Adventure Steam August 2
Get your momentum by rolling and swinging and push the objects

You can see the gameplay in the trailer. It is quite simple, but you'll need to try again and again to get through all levels.

Speaking about levels, the game features over 60 story levels with increased difficulty, that will take you several days to complete them all. And you'll not be disappointed by the story behind. The more time you spend in the game, the more you'll find out why SuperCom is trying that hard to eliminate the cute drone K160.

Wreckin' Ball Adventure Steam August 4
Learn about how K160 get stuck in this sticky situation

The game supports co-op play, and you can play with your friend in all modes. After you've finished the story mode, you can dig into the Endless Escape mode. It's a multiplayer mode, where you and your friends will compete with each other to find out who is the one lasting longest. Or you can test and practice your skill in the Playground mode. It all depends on your choice!

Wreckin' Ball Adventure Steam August 3
It looks very chaotic in local mode, but it's still fun!

Wreckin' Ball Adventure official release date

The developer has announced that Wreckin' Ball Adventure is going to come out on August 2. At launch, it supports Nintendo Switch and PC through Steam.

Other platforms might receive this game later. At that time, we will notify you when there's the official statement from the developer!