Aqua Lungers is a competitive action and platformer game from WarpedCore Studio. Recently, the studio has announced an official release date for the game. According to that, we can expect the game to launch soon this summer, on August 9th.

Aqua Lungers
Aqua Lungers to hit the market this summer, on August 9th.

As a matter of fact, the audience got to see what Aqua Lungers looked like on PC way back in May 2018, via Steam Early Access. The game supports up to 4 players, either co-op or competitive.

There’s a nice and responsive system of 2D control that comes with the gorgeous 2D art-style. Here’s the game trailer from September 2018:

Gameplay overview of Aqua Lungers

To enter a match of Aqua Lungers, you and up to three others must fight against and with each other at the same time. You’ll need to earn gold through loots and watch out for annoying opponents who would try to steal from you. Also, you should pay attention to the surroundings, as giant monsters and deadly fish aren’t here to make friends with anyone.

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Controlling your character is the key to victory. Jumping, attacking and moving in the water are the vital tasks to master. Especially, there’s a special charge attack that you’ll have to figure out by yourself.

Considering the importance of this ability, it really should appear somewhere in a tutorial for everyone to know about.

Aqua Lungers

Single and multiplayer

Generally speaking, all the things above definitely sound like great local multiplayer aspects, but Aqua Lungers has much more to offer.

The game also features decent content for single player, which is pretty convenient. There are different maps, different layouts and environments to experience.

At the same time, new levels unlock new monsters, so everything is fresh here in Aqua Lungers. Stay calm and be ready as 18 challenging stages and 6 savage bosses await you on the way.

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At the moment, Aqua Lungers costs $7.99 to play, but the price should go up once it finishes Early Access.