Since appearing to be more and more keen on finding out the secrets of the Steam’s interior processes, recently, Valve Corporation – a video game developer in America, has posted a blog, which definitely keeps mentioning about this topic. To make the article fascinating, Valve just revealed some detailed information, along with some facts and figures about the number of Steam’s players using controllers.

The stats show that there have been over 30 million gamers registered one controller at the minimum and more than half of those people registered two or more since 2015. There are 45% among these players using Xbox 360 controllers. Meanwhile, the second-place somehow astonishingly belongs to PlayStation 4 controllers, which accounts for 20%.

Though PS4 controllers actually take the high percentage, Xbox controllers, combining the amount of the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, still, have been the most common controllers so far. The Xbox’s players positively use their controllers more regularly than the PlayStation ones. One of the main reasons, according to Valve Corporation, for PlayStation controllers not being widely used compared to Xbox’s counterparts is because has rarely unused features in in-game instructions, which the Xbox controller terms already included in.

But that’s the thing here, it’s not only mentioned the battle between two rivals, Sony and Microsoft. From Valve’s perspective, the Nintendo Switch Pro controller is considered as "pretty popular for a new device". Despite just being launched in 2017, this controller has taken the second place of being mostly used among these peripheral devices.

By giving out explanation of its coming schemes for Steam Input Integration, Valve concluded the post. By using Steam Input, players would find it easier to map controls since these features weren’t available when a game was introduced at first, like motion controls. With an aim of giving more supports in controlling, when updating all games in Steam Client, Steam Input Integration will be installed instantly. Steamrolled, I guess.