Dungeon & Fighter Mobile debut was not the only announcement Nexon and Neople made at the Carnival on Christmas day in South Korea. Project BBQ, a new PC game title was also made public for the first time. So far, the project has been under development for about a year with Unreal Engine 4. However, pieces of news about it had been leaking ever since a job posting was discovered.

Project BBQ has been under development for around a year

Before Project BBQ, there has never been a full 3D version of any game that has a relation with Dungeon & Fighter being public. However, some may wonder that in what way this game is related to Dungeon & Fighter?

Both Dungeon & Fighter Mobile and Project BBQ are built by the same team called Neople Action Studio. Although the team has been running for over a year, no one knows for sure whether it is a built-in team of Neople of a new independent crew.

The team does shed light on this new project they are currently working on. According to them, players will recognize some familiar elements that appear in Dungeon & Fighter. When they were asked to compare Project BBQ to Kritika and Mabinogi by the media, Neople Action Studio said that their focus was not on following a certain style but rather, creating a splendid 3D action game.

Project BBQ has just been developing for a year so there is no releasing date to hope for. All we know now is what the team had shared and other details such as a “seamless world”, “7 to 8 characters”, and open field maps.

The name Project BBQ is a reminiscence the Gunner class’ BBQ combo, which used to be a popular set of skills in Dungeon & Fighter. This combo conveniently conveys the design goal that the team aims at, which is focusing on action with lots of movements.