The Snowbike, a vehicle exclusive to the snow map Vikendi, has suddenly got removed from the PC version of PUBG. The reason for this is supposedly because it led to several “critical” issues in the game.

The removal of the Snowbike was announced on Wednesday on the official Twitter page of the PUBG Support team. The announcement stated that the vehicle was pulled down from the active servers when it caused some “critical” problems that had negative impacts on the gameplay. However, the Support team did not disclose specific details about what kind of issues they are encountering

Snowbike Pubg 190130 162622
The Snowbike was suddenly removed from PUBG PC. Apparently it was causing some "critical" issues.

At the time the Snowbike was removed, it had only been live for 6 days in PUBG PC. It was included in the Update #25 which aired on January 24.

Pubg Snowbike Removal
The announcement from the PUBG Support team

Originally, the Snowbike was included into PUBG as an exclusive vehicle of its latest map Vikendi to provide players a mean to traverse the map effectively. Since the surface of Vikendi is mostly covered in ice and snow, most other vehicles are very difficult to handle, especially at high speed. Thus, the Snowbike was intended to be a solution for that, although it comes at the cost of only being able to accommodate a maximum of two players at one time and providing little protection against gunfire. The Snowmobile is another similar vehicle included in the map for the same purpose.

The Snowmobile
The Snowmobile, along with the Snowbike, is very effective for traversing snowy or icy terrains, but leaves its passengers wide open to enemy gunfire

This change is probably not too impactful, though, as the Snowbike will most likely make a return as soon as the issues are fixed. When exactly that might happen is still currently unclear, but it should not be too long.