PUBG PC Update 27a is on the way, and it promises to be a major one that changes the entire game. There will be tons of new features, including a new map, new win condition, new weapons and gear, and an Easter egg. Let’s get into it:

The first notable addition is a brand new map, which, for the first time in the history of Battle Royale, allows players to engage in a survival battle on the surface of the moon. This new moon map will reportedly be the largest map for PUBG PC to date, and to keep up with the game’s realistic theme, there will be no gravity.

Pubg Moon Map
PUBG PC Update 27a takes the battle royale experience to the moon?

This means players will be able to jump 10 times as high when playing this map, and they will take no fall damage. Additionally, getting hit by a heavy weapon, such as a shotgun a melee strikes, will send you flying back several meters.

In terms of the environment, there will be no weather effects like on other maps. Also, depending on which side of the moon you’re on, it’ll either have lights or be completely dark. Moving will leave behind footprints as well, similar to on Vikendi. To help you get around more easily, the developers have added a new exclusive vehicle: The Moon Rover. It will play a crucial part, since you’ll need an effective way to get to the safe zone quickly on this huge map.

Pubg Moon Footprint
"One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind" - Neil Armstrong

Another essential mechanic of the moon map is that since there is no air here, energy boosts have been replaced by oxygen tanks. You have to collect these tanks, which are scattered around the map, and keep them with you in order to survive. Otherwise, you’ll suffocate to death.

Besides the new map, update 27a brings a couple of new toys for you to play around with. A revenge bomb has been added to all the maps. You can probably guess its function just by the name: If you have one on your person when you die, it will explode when an enemy loots your death box. This will definitely make the game a lot more fun even if you get eliminated. There is a level 4 helmet too, which is completely resistant to bullets but severely limits your vision.

Vikendi also saw a new exclusive weapon: the Squirt Gun, which inflicts frostbite on enemies hit and causes them to take damage over time.

In addition to the new items, an old one also got an interesting tweak: You can now use the iconic frying pan to cook food. This opens up a brand new win condition: If you manage to gather all the ingredients and cook your own Chicken Dinner, you immediately win the game without having to be the last player standing.

Ps4 Pubg Tips
The iconic pan can now be used to cook, and if you can make a Chicken Dinner, you're the winner!

Energy boosts now come with a drawback: Just like in real life, using them in excessive amount can cause a heart attack. More specifically, using a painkiller increases your chance of suffering a heart attack by 10%, whereas this number is 25% for adrenaline shots. The rates stack together too, so if you take 4 adrenaline shots in quick succession, you will definitely die.

578080 Screenshots 20170805002455 1
Be careful with adrenaline shots. They might kill you

Another new mechanic of Update 27a is that you can now injure your arm if you crash while driving a scooter. While this likely will not have too big of an impact on the gameplay, it is an interesting reference to the famous streamer Shroud, who recently also injured his left arm in a scooter accident.

Update 27a is going to be the biggest update that PUBG PC has got in the past few months, and it will no doubt alter the gameplay experience drastically. It’s exciting to look forward to its arrival.