Raji’s Kickstarter campaign

In late 2017, we got our first information about Raji: An Ancient Epic at Nasscom Game Developer Conference. Also at that time, the developer of the game had started a Kickstarter campaign. They were hoping to raise a fund of £120,000 to support the game but it didn’t go too well. Despite that, the developer still continued to work on the game. Recently, they have dropped a trailer for it in GDC 2019, take a look:

About Raji: An Ancient Epic

This is an action-platformer game set in ancient India. The main protagonist of the game is a girl “Raji”. She was chosen by the gods to stand against the demonic invasion and to protect the human realm. Specifically, her destiny is to rescue her younger and face Mahabalasura – the demon lord.

As a player, you will accompany Raji in an intense and emotional adventure. The story of Raji: An Ancient Epic witnesses how she evolves through the atrocities of war and the loss of beloved ones. You'll get to explore the beautiful ancient setting, solving puzzles while battling powerful and mystical enemies. Moreover, the combat system of the game is extremely fun and rewarding. Raji has the power of multiple gods and she can choose what she wants to use in combat. Also, different power means different weapon and skill sets.

Explore the beautiful ancient setting of the game.

Graphics & Audio

Just by watching the trailer, we can tell that the soundtrack of Raji is pretty incredible. However, it's the graphics and arts that truly stands out. It's a perfect mix of hand-painted textures and 3D performance advantage of Unreal Engine 4.

The game will release for PC somewhere in early 2020 on Steam. It looks so promising that you'll want want to keep up with the development of the game or at least, try out the demo on its official site.