As a gamer myself, whenever the topic is concerned, I always tell people that: ‘Anyone can game’. The only thing that’s keeping people from gaming is time and a seemingly natural aversion to technology. But one thing that I’ve never doubted is that there are games out there for anybody.

And this unique and heart-warming story just serves to confirm my statement.

You see, recently a story has surfaced that there’s an 87 year-old grandma who had spent a monumental 3,580 hours into Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It’s a common conception that old people are just grouchy in general and hate anything that has to do with modernities. Audrey - our grandma in question, is a living testament against that. Since her story emerged, Audrey suddenly found herself on the receiving end of a great deal of attention. Thanks to the efforts of the Internet, the gaming community had sent her floods after floods of loves and adoration. Specifically, quite a lot of strangers on the Internet had put together an electronic donation of a Nintendo Switch for Audrey to pursue further her passion.

Our Favourite Gaming Grandma Receiving A Switch Th

It’s a common request among the community to see her in-game town. And with the help of the person who uploaded her story, named @phubans. Those requests have been turned into reality.

She’s now back and happier than ever before. Giving her Internet fans a tour of her town and talking freely about the experiences she had had with the game. It was revealed that she’s been playing the game for the last four years, day by day building her town. Amassing a treasure of 65.6 million bells in her bank balance.

Oh and her favourite villager is Filbert.

Even though I only knew of her recently, it’s difficult not to adore the woman. She’s potentially the oldest fan and player of the game on Earth at the moment. That’s saying quite something about the peculiarity of her case.


If you’d like to see Audrey and her town. All you need to do is to enter the following Dream Address: 4E00-0126-6834.