Gunfire Games' newest release, Remnant 2, has rapidly climbed the ranks on Steam and gained popularity on consoles worldwide, heralding a new era of Soulslike gaming. With its vast and ever-changing array of worlds, foes, and dungeons, players can take on the role of numerous character classes, promising a plethora of experiences in one massive and highly replayable game.

Although Remnant 2 is designed for co-op play, it remains accessible and user-friendly for solo players. However, individual gamers should consider different factors when selecting their character, as they won't have the support of a companion. Without the backup of a partner, the strengths and weaknesses of each class must be reevaluated. Here, we present the best options for players aiming to combat the Root Infection on their own.

8. Archon

The best-kept secret among Remnant 2 Archetypes, the Archon, posed a challenge that even the most skilled data miners struggled to unravel. Eventually, the Archetype's highly specific requirements were met, leading to its discovery. As a result, players now have access to a potent option for either their primary or secondary character choice.


The Archon excels in enhancing a player's Mods and increasing their generation speed, enabling gamers to use their weapon skills more frequently and with greater effectiveness. This aspect proves particularly enticing for solo players, as the right combination of Mods can significantly impact difficult combat scenarios and boss battles.

7. Alchemist

The Alchemist, a covert Archetype in Remnant 2, is a skilled master of magical brews and concoctions, specializing in providing elixirs that enhance specific traits and statistics. While granting boosts in attack, defense, and other aspects of gameplay proves highly advantageous and crucial for a successful campaign, this Archetype truly shines when supporting others.

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For solo players, the Alchemist is overshadowed by most alternative class options in various areas of gameplay, such as offense, defense, and overall durability. Its true effectiveness comes to light when assisting stronger, offensive-minded teammates by bolstering their abilities to overcome the game's diverse challenges. The Alchemist excels as a team player but is likely to encounter difficulties when venturing alone.

6. Summoner

The Summoner, another covert Archetype in Remnant 2, possesses a unique ability among character classes: the power to raise its own small army to aid in combat. As the name implies, this Archetype can summon various Root beasts to help confront the diverse threats within the worlds of Remnant 2. However, these summoning abilities come with a significant cost that can greatly impede a player's chances of survival without the assistance of a comrade.

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Depending on the Summoner's skill, summoning a bestial ally will deplete a percentage of the character's overall health, ranging from 10% to 35%. While this won't result in the player's death, it can render them highly vulnerable if the timing of the summons is ill-timed. As a result, the Summoner falls into the lower tier of playable characters for solo gamers.

5. Explorer

Although lacking impressive offensive or defensive capabilities, the Explorer Archetype possesses a remarkable talent for acquiring unique items, which forms the core of its character identity. The Explorer's abilities and skills make it adept at finding rare items more easily than its counterparts, and it can also enhance a player's stats through the Golddigger Prime Perk.

Explorer 1

While obtaining rare items can bolster the Explorer's loadout, this Archetype is best utilized as a support for a teammate with superior combat skills or as a secondary option. When compared to some other character classes that excel at surviving and standing alone, the Explorer may struggle as a lone soldier.

4. Challenger

The Challenger, one of the default Archetypes in Remnant 2, excels as a hard-hitting close-quarters combat specialist, providing players with an exciting entry point into the game and its genre. With a talent for delivering brutal blunt force trauma in substantial amounts, it proves to be a durable class, making it challenging to take down. This resilience makes it an ideal choice for players who prefer to play solo.

Remnant 2 Challenger In Character Class Selection

Moreover, the Challenger boasts one of the game's best Prime Perks, Die Hard, which grants players a free revival when their character is initially knocked down. Despite these strengths, the class does have a limitation concerning its offensive capabilities from a distance. When faced with enemies or bosses that don't engage in close-quarters combat, players with this class may encounter greater difficulty overcoming the challenge compared to some other classes.

3. Engineer

For players who revel in drenching their opponents with a deluge of bullets, the Engineer class stands as the ideal heavy weapon Archetype, capable of inflicting excessive damage. Proficient with heavy machine guns and turrets, this character can overwhelm adversaries with an unyielding barrage of rapid-fire offensive choices.

Engineer Archetype 2

One of the most effective Prime Perks suited for an aggressive play style is the High Tech perk, granting players a temporary enhancement for one of their weapons. This enhancement enables infinite ammunition, a higher fire rate, and a noticeable increase in weapon damage for a limited duration. For solo players, the Engineer proves to be an excellent choice, effortlessly dispatching multiple opponents in quick succession with its highly effective arsenal.

2. Medic

Regardless of the chosen difficulty level in Remnant 2, there's no denying that the game can be brutally challenging and unforgiving at times. With numerous dungeons offering a variety of trials and a multitude of formidable bosses that push player skills to their limits, effectively managing health becomes crucial for survival.

Remnant 2 Medic In Character Class Selection

The Medic Archetype, specializing in health, proves to be an effective character choice for both solo and co-op gameplay. However, its standout feature lies in its range of abilities for self-healing, making it perhaps the best option for players who prefer to venture without assistance. While excelling in regeneration skills, the Medic can still hold its ground in combat, thanks to its potent starter weapons that prove effective against foes of all sizes.

1. Handler

The Hunter remains a favored choice among Remnant 2 players, not just for its skillset but primarily because their character is accompanied by a loyal furry companion. This canine ally proves invaluable for solo players, offering additional offensive capabilities, acting as a diversion to draw enemy attention, and serving as a lifeline when players are incapacitated.

Remnant 2 Handler In Character Class Selection

While some may argue that the Handler isn't truly a "solo" character since they are never alone, players who prefer not to connect with others in Remnant 2 can still enjoy many of the benefits that come with co-op play. With their faithful dog by their side, the Handler can employ various strategies, ranging from support to attack, and also benefit from being revived by their loyal companion, a skill otherwise exclusive to the Challenger Archetype.

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