God of War Ragnarok is nothing short of a monumental success. However, it is a Sony Exclusive and might not come to PC any time soon. Here are the top 5 games with experiences similar to God of War that players can try out on PC.

This list doesn't include the first God of War game that was just released recently, of course.

1. Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn is a third-person/single-player action game set in post-apocalyptic land ruled by mechanical creatures, in which the remains of humanity are split into warring tribes and kingdoms that dwell among the ruins of ancient times. And so here we are, in a regressed primitive state Earth, where we take on a role of a young huntress, an outcast of the Nora tribe, Aloy, who's forced by a series of events to go on a journey to not only uncover her past but also the origins of the world she currently lives in therefore the fall of the previous civilization.

Horizon Zero Dawn Header Compressed
Horizon Zero Dawn

The most pleasant surprise to me was how fluid and fun the gameplay actually is and because of this, it simply went beyond my expectations. You've got an open world where exploration is always good and any kind of combat, whether it be with machines, animals or humans is extremely rewarding but progressively gets tougher the longer you get into the storyline which in itself is a pretty cool aspect.

210974 Horizon Zero Dawn Wallpaper
Journey into the dystopian future

The mechanics of the combat are basically giving us a healthy challenge in which we cannot always rely on one weapon throughout the whole game. It makes us realize that it's sometimes best to switch your fighting style between stealth and full head-on attacks. Figuring out each machine's attack pattern, capabilities and weaknesses is a must in order to get a successful outcome without failing in the process or worse dying.

2. Monster Hunter: World

I’m not a fan of coop games and I really hate grinding but the goal of this game is grinding in co-op. After seeing lots of positive feedback I decided to jump on this game and I was very pleasantly surprised.

Monster Hunter World
Monster Hunter: World

For those who don't know what this game is about, it is what the name tells you – a monster hunter game. You hunt monsters, gather resources, and craft new gear to hunt stronger monsters to get better gear. That’s it, very simple formula, but the gameplay is really amazing. Hunting is not as simple as it sounds. First, you need to track the monster by finding its tracks which could take some time if the monster is completely new to you. There are lots of weapons to choose and you need to learn the weapon you choose because they all are different and can change your play style completely.

Monster Hunter
Killing big monsters

It plays like an action game where you attack and dodge. But the fun part is different monsters. They have different moves which you need to learn, you need to read their moves and prepare for their attacks. You can’t just run to the monster and mash the attack button to kill it. This tactic would only work on monsters below your level. First, you need to choose the right gear with the right stats for each monster. You need to avoid strong attacks and find a window to hit the monster and use healing items.

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You can also use other items like traps to capture the monster, but first, you need to weaken it. You can cut off and break various parts of monsters, like cutting off the tail for example. After you finish the monster you can collect its parts and use them on crafting weapons and armor. Oh, and one more thing – you can use the environment to your advantage, like shooting a huge rock that falls on a monster. Or another monster could wander into the same place and attack the monster you’re fighting.

3. Assassin's Creed Odyssey

As a big fan of the series and of the RPG genre, I can say that I have enjoyed this game more and more as deeply as I got into the game. I really believe that Odyssey needs time on for players to fully value the work Ubisoft has put into and ignore the fact that it no longer aligns with the direction once Assassin's Creed became.

Assassins Creed Odyssey
Assassin's Creed Odyssey

It keeps the old elements of Parkour and assassinations but doesn't expand on them, yet this game really does a great job with the beautiful world and lore behind it. If you love Greek Mythology, you will find this game fascinating to explore and enjoy. I know I sure did. The game contains a lot of side quests and side missions that will keep you engaged for over 150 hours if you're a completionist.

Assassins Creed Odyssey
Explore the world

The graphics of this game are gorgeous, and I needed to upgrade my PC's CPU to play it to its fullest detail fully. The world is gorgeously crafted, and I can't give credit enough to Ubisoft for its beautiful work.

Without spoiling anything, I'd like to point out that this game takes time to grow on you regarding the story. It does a great job at creating emotions between you and the characters along the way, and with the 3 DLC's you are bombarded with beautiful finishing touches of the great story.

4. Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 (DMC5) is an excellent game that has a very in-depth combat and skills, along with a high skill ceiling. It also sports gorgeous visuals thanks to the RE engine, and various characters that all play differently and keep the whole thing feeling fresh. Environments are varied with hidden secrets, challenges, and alternative routes.

Devil May Cry 5 Characters
Devil May Cry 5

The combat in DMC5 is essentially third person hack and slash with lots of different combos or skills you can utilize. A very important fact to keep in mind is that combat varies greatly between characters as well, so you can expect a large amount of variety. Correctly making combo moves and switching up attack styles quickly results in a higher score in your missions, with the highest being “SSS”.

Devil May Cry 5 Screenshot
Fast paced fights

Most combat consists of a primary attack using some sort of melee weapon (like a sword or fists), with a secondary attack that is often ranged (like a revolver or shotgun). Another important element is the “lock-on” feature that lets you concentrate on a specific enemy, and which also acts as a modifier for certain attacks. In addition, enemy attacks can often be countered or dodged with the correct time and combination of keys.

Devil May Cry 5 Is Easy For The Newcomers To Join

Branching out from these basic attacks, are skills and movements you can unlock that all can be affected by different keys or buttons. A single primary attack can be totally different by simply using your forward action or reverse action, or holding lock on with a movement key. The upgrade system really goes insanely in-depth here, providing the player the opportunity to really experiment and find the skills they enjoy. Skills are unlocked with red orbs which are essentially in-game currency, that is dropped from kills and can also be found scattered throughout the maps.

5. Elden Ring

Elden Ring, while imperfect, is the best implementation of an open-world action RPG that I've ever played. It feels like the culmination of every iteration of FromSoft's 'Souls' games into one truly amazing experience filled with intrigue, struggle, and eventual triumph.

Elden Ring
Challenging battles

FromSoft didn't make Dark Souls 4. This game is Dark Souls 4, 5, and 6 all in one. Absolutely massive game and the open world part doesn't feel like an attempt to pad the game (like most open world games do). Elden Ring's open-world game has various mini-dungeons/secrets hidden away in every corner of the map. It is to your advantage to seek out these locations to find rare materials and unique weaponry that may or may not change your play style altogether.

The open world feels like there is always something waiting for you to discover, such as powerful enemies that drop unique weapon arts (ashes of war) or an NPC standing around waiting to offer you a quest. With the introduction of a day/night cycle, there are even some bosses that only spawn at nighttime in specific locations waiting to ambush you, but offer unique drops as well.

Elden Ring Gameplay
Elden Ring

As with any game, it's not for everyone, but if you love souls games, you'd be doing yourself a disservice by missing this one. If you've never played a souls game, this is the best one to try. The most accessible by far. No crazy hard tutorial bosses, the new ashen summoning bell gives some great support in difficult areas, and the fact you can always leave harder fights and come back to them later makes it so you rarely run into situations where you know booting up the game means you're gonna be brick walling until either the boss dies or you give up.

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