According to EA, Respawn, famous FPS game Titanfall 2's developer, is about to release plenty of games before the end of next year. However, Neither EA nor Respawn has affirmed what these games can possibly be.

This announcement was made by Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, in the middle of a recent quarterly earnings call. In his announcement, Wilson implied that there are "games" set to be released by Respawn "next holiday season". Based on what we have known before, Respawn is currently developing at least 3 titles: a Star Wars entry, a Titanfall entry, and an untitled VR game, so this should be the case.

Respawn is currently developing a Titanfall game
Respawn is currently developing a Titanfall game

The information about these games remains ambiguous. However, at E3 2018, Vince Zampella, CEO of Respawn, managed to affirm a couple of hints about Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. He even implied that the release date of the game is in next year.

Jedi Fallen Order was said to take place during one of the most tragic times in the Star Wars franchise: between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. You will be playing as a Padawan who tries to escape Order 66. Lightsabers should be available weapons, as promised.

Check out the Titanfall 2's trailer below:


Zampella's claim somehow ensures the releasing of at least 1 of 3 possible games that they are launching next year. However, the question if the other 2 are a Titanfall game and an unknown VR game is not answered yet.

He has admitted before that the sales of Titanfall 2 are under expectation. For an explanation, Zampella said that this is because it was released between 2 other opponents, namely Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. If we have to predict, Respawn will learn something and try to avoid releasing the next Titanfall in the busy season. That also means it can be released earlier next year.

Only time will tell then.