Teamfight Tactics has officially come out of the beta phase. The game has sustained a stable player base to keep itself sustainable. To celebrate the official launch of the game, Riot Games has decided to host a competitive tournament with great money on the line. A massive $150,250 (₹1.06 Crore) is up for 16 players to grab.

Tft Tournament 150k 01
With good money on the line, Riot Games has decided to promote the esports scene of Teamfight Tactics with this tournament

The tournament takes on the name: the Rise of the Elements Invitational. The Teamfight Tactics event will pan out on October 30 and 31 at 9 am PDT, 11 am CST.

16 popular streamers have already been selected out to attend the largest ever Teamfight Tactics tournament. Many names on the list are famous streamers from many established organizations. We can see G2 Esports’ Rumay “Hafu” Wang, Liquid’s Rafael “Rakin” Knittel, and TSM’s Jang “Keane” Lae-young.

Tft Tournament 150k 02
Many popular streamers will show up in the tournament

Rise of the Elements Invitational - Largest TFT tournament

16 players will be divided into 2 groups of 8 people and play 5 matches to earn points based on their finishing standings. Players can also get some bonus points for completing challenges, as a way of diversifying the gameplay. The top 4 players in each group will advance to the finals on the next day.

Tft Tournament 150k 03
With a diverse cast of characters and items, Teamfight Tactics is fun to play

The finals will be an endless battle here until one out of 8 players accumulates 3 victories. It will be a fierce battle as there is no second or 3rd place, just a sole winner. With the tactic-reliant gameplay, the finals will be interesting as we will get to see how pros counter and kill off one player before he reaches 3 wins.

Tft Tournament 150k 04
It would be fun to watch how pros handle the highly tactical game

With the total prize pool of $150,250, the money will be distributed pretty fair among players. Whoever makes it past the day one will get $10,750 (₹7.6 LAKH) each. The winner takes an extra amount of money, winning $15,000 (₹10.6 LAKH) while the day one eliminated players will earn a bit less, $7,500 (₹5.3 LAKH). Moreover, the winner will receive an extra reward, an exclusive custom Teamfight Tactics jacket.

Tft Tournament 150k 05
The winner will get extra money as well as an exclusive reward

Fans around the world can watch the tournament through LoL Esports’ Youtube and Riot Games Twitch channels. Don't forget to watch this fun tournament on October 30 and 31.