Teamfight Tactics has been dominating Twitch for quite a while. The auto battler game mode in League Of Legends has attracted hundreds of streams and millions of viewer for the streaming platform. How successful is Teamfight Tactics?

Tft 33 Million 02
Teamfight Tactics is incredibly famous in League Of Legends

The number speaks for itself

Well, Riot has gone public with the figure. Currently, there are over 33 millions of active Teamfight Tactics players every month (almost the population of Canada!). In addition, all player has accumulated a total of 1,725,000,000 hours of game time since launch, with 720,000,000 hours coming from the last 30 days alone.

Tft 33 Million 01
The total number of game hours played per day per mode after TFT came out

Moreover, TFT has pulled in more players for League Of Legends. The global average peak players in League has increased by 30% since the game went live. The trend still goes on.

Interestingly, the region with most players and game hours by far is China. This region gained a massive 35% growth in total game hours after Teamfight Tactics came to League Of Legends.

Tft 33 Million 04
Though heavily contended by another auto battler title - Chess Rush, TFT remained strong in China

Moreover, in the update, Riot talked more about the possibility of building Teamfight Tactics as an Esports. The developers said they were “committing to building a competitive scene for Teamfight Tactics in 2020”. Riot talked about the ambition to continue to expand the game mode “in ways that excite players who continue to look to TFT for a less intense and more social experience”.

Tft 33 Million 03
TFT will be featured in the All-Star 2019 coming this December

An innovative genre

The auto battler genre has boomed this year with the debut of a free Dota 2: Auto Chess. A totally autonomous battle played with tactics and careful calculation, Dota 2: Auto Chess has made headlines with its innovative ideas and gameplay.

Tft 33 Million 05
Dota 2 Auto Chess paved the way for auto battler genre

However, as the game genre flourished, many large game publishers decided to make their own version of Auto Chess. Valve made their own Dota Underlords while Drodo continued their legacy with a mobile version. Of all the auto battler genre games, only Teamfight Tactics in League Of Legends seemed to remain stable with their player base.

Will Teamfight Tactics stay strong and develop into a world-renowned Esports? Only time will tell. Additionally, if you are looking for some Teamfight Tactics Coaching, is probably the best.