Red Dead Redemption 2 has long been waiting for by fans from all over the world at it will finally be available this week. However, working on the process of producing the game on time is not the only thing Rockstar has to taking into consideration right now. There have been comments about its employees having to work for about 100-hour per week, and the studio has to claim again and again that this is not such a thing that it expects. And worrying that might just not be enough, the company now has to convey the message to the employees themselves.

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Rockstar Red Dead Redemption 2

According to Variety, on Friday, an official meeting was held by Rockstar to inform all employees that working overtime is not compulsory for everyone. Sometimes, just sometimes, they will be required to do so. And if required, there will be a certain schedule. Jennifer Kolbe of Rockstar said that the purpose of the meeting was to delete any misunderstandings about what the company expects from its employees.

So at Rockstar, OT work is not mandatory, at least for now.

Kolbe also said that: "Some people have said that they felt it was effectively mandatory because it was expected of them. In light of the discussion around this issue, we got the team together today to make sure it is clear to them that OT work is not mandatory. We are also pushing to make any OT worked more flexible in terms of schedule (i.e. 'work when makes sense for you."

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Sources have it that Rockstar Lincoln is among the employees who have the longest working hours of up to 60-70 hours per week to prepare for the introduction of Red Dead Redemption 2. The meeting was held after an animation assistant of Rockstar North, Flik Green, used social media to talk about it. She also said that her place position at Lincoln is a QA tester. However, she and her colleagues never knew they had the right to choose working overtime or not.

The protest against such long working hours started after co-founder Dan Houser intentionally talked about working 100-hour weeks in not just one occasion in 2018. He later explained that he was talking about the senior writing team’s working hour, and he is also included, but it is not able to stop the public from talking about it.