CS:GO is known to be a harbour for professional talents whose skills sometimes couldn’t make us believe what we witnessed. And just a few days ago, Oleksandr Kostyliev - better known as ‘s1mple’ - put up one Hell of a performance when he filled in a position for a semi-pro team in an Online Cup. His gameplay was thoroughly broadcasted on Twitch.

S1mple Awp Semi Pro Team Sub Navi

"One Of the Best CS:GO Player"

In the community, s1mple is held in pretty high esteem. There are some people in the CS:GO community who wouldn’t shy away from calling him one of the best - if not the best - CS:GO player in the world currently. So imagine the surprise of his competitors in LOOT.BET Cup, the team “forZe”, when they saw him logged in as their opponent in the team “cats”.

Aside from this relatively small gig, s1mple is competing internationally for Natus Vincere where he battled dramatically stronger enemies than everything that forZe could offer. But his competition in the small, online championship was entertaining to the viewers of his Twitch channel nonetheless.

Killing Rampage

For the first map in the series, s1mple didn't hold back at all and went on a killing rampage with his usual advanced level of coordination and gunplay. Ending the first-half with almost twenty kills. When you view his stream of the game, it is incredibly difficult to not feel as if CS:GO is something as simple as aiming and firing.

In spite of his and his team’s efforts, however, forZe put up a stiff enough competition for the game to roll over to double overtime. In the deciding round, he told everyone: “There’s no other OT, There’s no other overtime!” Then went ahead to clock up four kills with the AWP to claim victory.

In spite of the fact that he visibly tried to tone his skills down to offer the opponents a fairer chance of winning, the pro must lay everything he had on the table to claim the win for his team. Ending the series with 77 kills over 33 deaths after two maps.

There May Be More

Most of the fans seem to enjoy seeing s1mple in the competitive environment rather than his usual FPL CS:GO games streams on Twitch. The communication and gameplay seem to kick up a notch in this particular stream.

Though some of his own efforts have to be expended, s1mple did mention that he wouldn’t mind doing the same thing again when he had the chance. Which could be pretty good news for everyone who want to see him doing competitive series again.

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Everyone still has no idea how s1mple managed to get into the semi-pro team (Albeit we have a suspicion that any team would take him up immediately when he sent them a short message). We’re fairly sure that forZe and rivals wouldn’t want to see something like this happening again.