I must admit that I'm not a good refuser in real life. I can't say "no" to most of the things other people ask me to do, so sometimes I find myself stuck in the tiring chaos of doing their favors. And if you're feeling the same harsh of saying "no" like me, you can have a look at 'Say No! More' - an intriguing game about the workplace's problems.

The developer Studio Fizbin is very excited to announce their upcoming one-button game crafting the struggle of an intern at work. Not every company deals with their new employees like this, but if you're unfortunately in one of them, you would adopt this feeling immediately!

In order to celebrate this reveal, the publisher Thunderful Publishing has made a wonderful trailer with real-life actors and in-game footage. You can see it below:

The concept of Say No! More

The settings of Say No! More seems to be fictional at first, but you'll soon realize that's what happens with people in their real lives. To be more specific, the game takes the settings of a company full of rude people. Everyone here thinks that the way you're treated will base on your professional levels, and that is very bad news for you!

Say No More Pc Switch Ios Announced 3
Even your CEO has stolen your cute unicorn lunchbox!

Unfortunately, you're a new intern start to learn more about the job here, and you have no options but have to take every order for the sake of "internship". Or do you? People have their limits, and you do too. When things start to be unreasonable, you'll have to stand tall for yourself. You'll bring the powerful word "No!" that has evaporated from the world back, and throwing it on the face of the people told you to do their tasks in the most powerful way.

Say No More Pc Switch Ios Announced 6
Send them your most solid 'no' ever!

Your victims are no other than the seniors and supervisors that have turned you into a pathetic 'yes'-puppet with the most non-sense tasks ever. Now, you are the 'no'-expert, and you'll flex on them with the 'no' from all kinds: regular, tough, satirical and extremely loud!

Gameplay features

The overview above has spoken for it all: the main thing you're going to do in Say No! More is to say 'no' (duh) to everything other workers throw at you. You only need one button for this job, but depend on how you press it, your character will deny differently.

For example, if you just slightly tap that key, the intern will only deliver a normal weak 'no' with little anger. However, if you hold the button and charge it for a while, your 'no' will come out much stronger, louder and ruder! The superiors and seniors talking down on you will be absolutely shocked at how strong you stand up, and will flee like they've met a real-life monster!

Say No More Pc Switch Ios Announced 1
Make them run and cry!

However, that's not the only task you are going to do in this game. Additionally, you will also have to keep your eyes sharp to collect the old cassette tapes as well. They'll help to grow your voice and add some hilarious effects to your denials, such as a small consideration time before delivering a 'no', or a completely ignorant 'no' like they don't even exist! Clapping and laughing at them is even more sarcastic if you like the direct style.

Say No More Pc Switch Ios Announced 2
Hold your 'no' for more explosive ones

And what's the point of being cool when you're not looking cool? Say No! More allows you to customize your character, wearing fancy outfits to the office to express your personality. Lastly, you can say no in your own language, as the game supports multiple language options.

Hopefully, you'll find some relaxing experience in this game after suffering from a long workday. And maybe it will help you get rid of your abusive superiors and colleagues in real life somehow!

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Enjoy being the reckless person you are!

Say No! More is coming to PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch and iOS in 2020.