Recently, the famous publisher Team17 has been on fire, as they have helped to deliver fantastic titles such as Yooka-Laylee and Blasphemous. Both of these two games have gained a lot of positive reviews, so players are excited to see their new title - Going Under.

It's a dungeon crawler with a hilarious concept, which you can have a look at the trailer below:

About Going Under

Going Under Is A Satirical Dungeon Explorer From T
Going Under is going to be the quirkiest dungeon crawler you might ever see!

So what they have next in the future in this strong of amazing hits? They and the game development studio Aggro Crab Games are coming up with Going Under. Generally speaking, it is a dungeon explorer title. In this game world, you will explore the ruins of those unholy creations of previously failed technology startups.

Going Under Is A Satirical Dungeon Explorer From T
Head down the 'dungeons' to find supplies

You will take on the role of Jackie, an intern at a soda startup. Unfortunately, in this dystopian world, your mission is to going into the dungeon to gather supplies. But as we see in the trailer, there is no normal brick-lined, dimly-lit caverns and dungeons. Instead, there are those colorful offices under the huge campus building.

In the future, failed businesses not just disappear - now they will sink underground. And these businesses employees will be cursed and continue to wander the dungeons as monsters. It is your mission to end the life of these misery monsters and gather those assets. You have to work hard so that your boss could buy a new expensive car.

Going Under Is A Satirical Dungeon Explorer From T
Pick up anything you can in the maps to fight!

Exploring the dungeons of companies

Instead of lances or swords, your enemies wield the very cute body pillows. Moreover, you could search the drones which are flying around for treasures, you can also get explosive drinks from the cafeteria.

Going Under
Hack-n-slash using pillows? That's awesome!

In the end, we have a very intriguing hack-2-slash title that aims to swing on the theme of modern startup culture. We will get to see how well Going Under would do when it hit the market next year for major consoles and PC.