Minecraft's heat seems to never cool down, as Mojang keeps bringing more and more contents to the franchise. Starting with RTX supports for the original Minecraft game, it's seeing Minecraft Earth getting on mobile devices soon. And ultimately, Minecraft Dungeons is also jumping on this hype train.

As we're coming closer to the Minecraft Dungeons' release date, the developer Mojang has unleashed a new cinematic. It showed the blocky saddening story of the boss in this game, which you can have a look below:

The story of Minecraft Dungeons

Taking place in the titular fantasy blocky world, Minecraft Dungeons' story starts from the story of a poor Illager. Rejected by his relatives, he can't find a new home no matter how hard he has been trying.

Minecraft Dungeons Cinematic Trailer 1
The people don't accept the poor Illager to live alongside them

The desperation and rage lead the Illager to an ancient ruin, where he found what he shouldn't have found at this mental state. It's the Orb of Dominance, a powerful artifact that will change the outcast forever.

Minecraft Dungeons Cinematic Trailer 2
The Illager comes across the Orb of Dominance - granting insanely powerful power

Returning to the village with unmatched power, the Arch-Illager will return everything he had to suffer from. Making everyone bow before him, the Illager poses an evil reign over the land and gets rid of everyone that stands in his way.

The Overworld now needs heroes that have pure hearts and the valor to stand up against the evil lord. Maybe, it's you!

Gameplay features

We've delivered a lot of information about Minecraft Dungeons in our previous articles, so feel free to check it out. But if you're too lazy to go through the whole article, here's the summary for you:

Minecraft Dungeons takes a brand new approach in the franchise, combining the blocky adventure experiences with the Diablo-like dungeon crawler elements. To be more specific, you'll take control of one from four daring heroes, diving into the underground find treasures and defeat the Arch-Illager.

Minecraft Dungeons Cinematic Trailer 3
Take control of one from 4 daring heroes on the Journey in the Overworld

There are no classes for you to choose from, as you always start with two weapons: a melee one and a ranged one. Your equipment will decide which roles you'll play on the team. For example, wearing heavy armors is better for tanking, while wearing armors with higher magical status will be suitable for healing or damage dealing.

Minecraft Dungeons Cinematic Trailer 4
It's the mixture of Minecraft and Diablo

Defeating foes will grant you weapons with different elements, which you can combine for special attacks like poison, lightning or fire. Together with the leveling and damage-balancing system, Minecraft Dungeons is a great game to look for if you're craving for a quirky blocky adventure.

Release date and supported platforms

Minecraft Dungeons doesn't have a specific release date yet. Until now, we only know that the game is coming in Spring 2020.

At launch, the game will support PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and Xbox Game Pass.