Minecraft has made a killing since 2009. With the power of creation in hand, Minecraft players can “craft” their own world to their own likings. The power of creation knows no bounds as Minecraft has sold 176 million copies worldwide by May 2019.

Minecraft Customize 02
Minecraft - the world where your imagination go wild

With so much power in hand, we can build houses, palaces or even a valley in the pixel-powered 2D world. However, one thing still bothers players as they can’t be inventive with their own character, the epitome of themselves. You can build the whole world but can’t decorate yourselves with perks and accessories? Well, that is a shame.

Minecraft Customize 03
Low capacity of customizing your own character is quite a turnoff for an interesting game like Minecraft

But it is no more. Minecraft, in the latest patch, has implemented a character customization feature. It is now exclusively for beta testers but will be available worldwide in no time. Players can now change their characters even at the model level.

Minecraft Customize 01
You can now customize your character in a deeper level

To be more specific, you can now customize more into details of your characters. A cap or hat bill will stick out more clearly. A backpack will stand out from your back, no longer just a different color layer of pixel.

What is even more interesting, you can customize your other body parts. Ever dream of becoming a mermaid? Here we go, you can add your mermaid tail with just a few clicks. Fancy the idea of prince charming? You can cheat with your height and stand out from the crowd.

Minecraft Customize 04
People often had to resort to skin mods to customize their own characters

Fascinating as it can be, however, some items may come with a price. It means more money into the game as if you are spending money on buying clothes for your epitome. If you have fun, why hesitate?

For now, the feature is available only for Minecraft on Xbox One, Windows 10, and Android. However, once the beta testing is over, more platforms will also get the update.