As almost all critics agreed upon, Shadow of the Tomb Raider is "one of Lara Croft's best modern adventures". Up to now, the game’s fan have been giving similar ideas and leaving on Steam a majority of positive reviews. Unfortunately, it was later review bombed. The main reason is about the 34% discount that lasted for a week. The sale has made many fans disgruntled.

We have read and analyzed more than 600 reviews since the beginning of the discount. 66% of which are highly negative. Most players think that it is unfair when they had to pay fully the price of the game, both the ones who pre-ordered or bought the game a officially released, and then had to see others get the game with the heavily discounted price not so long after.Kết quả hình ảnh cho Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Most reviewers are not concerned about the quality of the game, a lot of them don’t even leave any comment about it. One of the comment says "Feel like a fool to have pre-ordered,". Meanwhile another player left a negative comment says "Game is good btw...but never pre-ordering a Square Enix game ever again."

The frustration of the players are easily understandable. However, this is something one could anticipate. It’s not rare to see games offering discount soon and regularly. That is one of the features that many players love most of PC games. Still, you have to indeed be careful when pre-order games.

You can still find some of the legitimate criticism among the reviews. Many point out the audio as well as visual bug, meanwhile some other ones just simply couldn’t get on with the combat or the game’s story. But, to be fair, this game is totally worth playing. You can still get the game at the discounted price if you’re fast enough, which is $39.59/£29.69 on Steam.