Call of Duty: Warzone is Activision’s attempt to break into the Battle Royale market. While the core elements are from Call of Duty, Warzone’s gameplay is original enough to keep even veterans of the franchise in the dirt. In this guide, we would list out some of the most important tips that players really need to consider when diving into Verdansk.

10 – Get the high ground

Warzone 8

“Don’t try it, I have the high ground” is not actually a meme – this strategy has been used in almost every war from past to present. In-game, people more often than not focusing on the horizontal axis and less likely to notice an enemy hiding on a vertical angle. The high ground also gives people standing on it a clearer vision of the surroundings, in order to make decisions. This tip can actually be applied to every FPS game, not just this one.

9 – Duck for Cover

Warzone 4

You have to be careful of the enemy’s special weapons such as Precision Airstrikes and Cluster Strikes. It is best to escape immediately after hearing it coming - there would be both audio announcements and visual warnings on your mini-map.

8 – Try to get to the center of early circles

Warzone 2

In Warzone, due to the bigger size of the map, the circles move very quickly. Because of that, your current safe position might be compromised sooner than you thought it would be. To reduce the risk of having to do a circle chase, grabbing those middle positions as fast as possible is a good idea. With your camp placed in the center, you would be able to create a better plan for the long haul.

7 – Build some custom loadouts

Warzone 3

Custom loadouts can be acquired in Warzone through random map drops – or you can purchase one yourself. The importance of getting familiar with your weapons cannot be overstated. With ten different loadouts setup, you would be able to do deal with pretty much every situation.

6 – Be ready for engagements against multiple teams

Warzone 7

Due to the bigger player count and the team-based nature of Warzone, it is very likely that you would have to go against more than one enemy squad at the same time. Because of that, you should not dawdle around for too long in the same spot digging through the loot of fallen foes – enemies who heard the gunshots would likely come for your blood.

5 – Get the money

Warzone 9

Cash is very important in Warzone. The currency is weaved directly into the game – you can spend your money on a lot of things, and the way you spend can sometimes be a game-winning or losing decision. Money can be dropped and share between team members – sometimes pooling money for one guy to get that shiny thing would actually be worth it.

4 – Get a supply of Armor Plates

Warzone 10

Armor is the cheapest item you can buy in the shop, however, it is also the most useful. In a gunfight, having more health than the enemy is vital, and after a prolonged fight, one of the fastest ways to regain advantage is to slap on a couple more armor plates. Always keep it stocked – this would make a huge difference.

3 – Keep a killstreak ready

Warzone 1

These powerful weapons must be purchased instead of earned in Warzone – your team might want to pool money together to get one as soon as possible. These things can be pretty crucial in winning early fights.

2 – Practice 1vs1

Warzone 5

The Gulag is probably the strangest game elements in Warzone – you would get an extra life as long as you are able to win a 1vs1 duel after you die. A lot of players are not used to this and the one with experience would gain a massive edge.

1 – Be creative

Warzone 6

There are tons of crazy things that could be done in Warzone. It is best that you discard all the knowledge and habit from previous battle royales and try to think outside of the box.

This concludes our guide for this game. If you are interested in playing Call of Duty: Warzone, you might want to check out this article about how to optimize the graphics settings of the game for best performance.