When it comes to Apex Legends Twitch streamers, Michael 'Shroud' Grzesiek is a rising star. He is coming so popular that he started to draw people’s attention to other less well-known streamers of this broadcast, which is surprisingly beneficial to them.

Shroud Twitch Viewers
Shroud kindly recommend other streamers for his followers

The fact that so many people watched his videos was, actually, beyond this popular streamer’s expectation. During his matches of Respawn’s new game, he checked his view count and was surprised that his video was having over 125,000 views.

Shroud expressed his feeling on Twitch Apex Legends “125,000 viewers? Listen, chat… let me do a solid here, There are some legendary Apex Legends streamers. CouRage, great guy. Cloaksy.”

As to prove that 125,000 viewers are too much for him, Shroud continued listing out some other streamers so that his audiences would not miss those great ones.

But if you think Shroud was such a kind gentleman, you are probably wrong. Literary one second later, when he spotted someone playing Fortnite, he shouted "He’s playing Fortnite, f*ck him,” while pointing his mouse over the nickname NICKMERCS on the screen.

Most viewers still stuck to Shroud’s channel despite his begging them to spread out. He seemed to see this as unfair to other streamers: “Look at all these streamers!" he added. "Spread. Go or stay, do whatever you want."

After its surprising release on February 4th, Apex Legends became quite a trend for gamers. Like Shroud, other popular streamers are now also playing this game: Cloaksy, CouRageJD, AnneMunition, TSM_Viss, Man0.

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Streamers are moving to Apex Legends

Shroud used to be a professional CS:GO player. Now, after turning into a streamer, he is still considered to be among the greatest aimers on Twitch. Most of his followers are fond of watching him playing many battle royale games such as Apex Legends.

He got over 5.4 million followers on Twitch, earning the title of one of the world’s most popular streamers.

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