Replacing some body parts might be very tough for a person, but that's nothing for a person that has died a long time ago and turned into a skeleton. Skellboy is a quirky action-adventure game that allows you to do so, and you'll enjoy snapping out parts to the point that you won't recognize who you used to be!

Skellboy is the product from the developer Umaiki Games, but and was planned to come out in December. However, for the sake of further polishing its vibrant blocky visuals, the developer needs some more time to initially bring the game to the public, and it's going to come out in early 2020.

Below is the trailer of Skellboy, and you can have a look to see how crazy the switchable body parts are:

The story of Skellboy

Skellboy takes the settings of a fantastical world of Cubold Kingdom, where people are living peacefully and happily under the rule of the king. However, disaster always comes from the least expected place, and this time, it's from the court magician who only serves the king. He's living happily in a relationship with the princess, but one day, the princess decided to dump him.

Heart-broken and filled with rage, the magician quickly turned into his wicked self, and use his spiritual power to revive the dead and the kingdom's worst nightmares. His aim is to create the invincible army of the undead, but the magician doesn't realize that he also summoned an ancient hero namely Skippy in the progress as well.

Skellboy Pc Switch January 6
The magician has accidentally summoned Skippy - the legendary ancient hero of the kingdom

Now, you'll take control of Skippy - the one that should have been resting for now - to rise from his grave and save the kingdom from the evil magician. As a skeleton now, you can do a lot of things that you can't do when you had your flesh - replacing your body parts, and turn enemies' parts into your weapons.

Using the guts (literally), can you defeat the mighty wizard?

Gameplay features

As I've mentioned, Skellboy is a pixelated action-adventure game, where you'll step in the shoes of the newly-resurrected ancient hero Skippy. The Kingdom of Cubold is now facing the threat of the undead army of the wicked magician, and only you can stand a chance against those creatures.

Skellboy Pc Switch January 2
Only the undead can match the undead

The kingdom contains interconnected villages with colorful cube-like characters and villains as well. Interacting with ordinary people will grants you some cosmetic accessories to make your cubic skeleton body more vigorous or funny. Bringing the most ridiculous looks to the battles, you'll fight with tons of undead creatures, and that's when the fun parts shine.

Skellboy Pc Switch January 1
Interacting with cube-like villagers for items

To be more specific, you can replace your bones with over 100 body parts from your enemies, and those new parts will bring several helpful effects to your power. You can also implant some items from friends to replace your bones as well, not only to make you look different but also make you stronger.

Skellboy Pc Switch January 5
Rip your enemies into parts and take them as your weapons

You'll mainly experience the journey of Skippy in a vivid pixelated style via a fixed isometric perspective, fighting with tons of bosses and special enemies using over 5 weapons to slap in their face. And with the upbeat chiptune soundtracks, you won't recognize you're laughing on the entire journey.

Skellboy Pc Switch January 4
Bringing beautiful 2D pixelated graphics to the 3D world

Release date and supported platforms

The developer Umaiki Games will self-publish their own title Skellboy, but at a later date than it has previously planned.

To be more specific, Skellboy will come out to the public on January 2020. At launch, it will support Nintendo Switch and PC, and Switch users can already pre-purchase the game via eShop with a discounted price of $17.99.